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Each online casino offers a variety of bonuses to continue attracting new gamblers and maintaining old gamblers. Cashback bonuses stand out among all other online casino bonuses. Cashback bonuses are offered to gamblers who have already bet.

In this system, a small portion of each bet will be repaid to the gambler. Bonuses like these are often used to retain players or carriers who have been active for some time.

Here, we will explain more about the cashback bonus and all the benefits you can get from this bonus.

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How Does The Cashback Bonus Work and Is It Valid?

When you start betting and playing at your favorite Malaysian online casino, you have the opportunity to win or lose. Defeat is a common experience for every gambler.

In the meantime, the casino is always trying to keep you in their casinos by offering a little bit of money even if you lose. This change takes a return on some of the money you lose.

This concept of return known as this cashback usually takes the percentage of the amount of money you have already bet. However, there is cashback in other forms as well.

The percentage of cash backs you can enjoy depends on the casino that offers it. In general, this percentage can have a relatively large range, which is less than 1% to more than 20%.

Bonus Cashback

Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

For every cashback bonus, you meet, you must read all the terms and conditions stated before claiming the bonus. This is because most casinos will set the terms of use you need to meet before you can redeem the cashback.

Among the conditions that we usually see, is that you register and make deposits. After which you would be required to make a certain minimum bet before you can claim this cashback. There are also casinos that stipulate that you have to risk all of your deposits before you can get your cashback.

There are also conditions for withdrawing winnings from betting your cashback money. Make sure you agree to all the terms and conditions and ensure none of the terms work like a trap for you.

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Types of Cashback Bonuses

This cashback bonus is given to you in many forms. The form of cashback bonus you get is very important so you know how to use it later.

Cash back Percentage Form

This bonus is the most basic and easy, which is, that part of the money you lose will be returned to you. The number of parts to be returned is expressed as a percentage of the amount that has been at stake, the larger the amount, the bigger the cashback to be received. Casinos can usually provide a large percentage range, from less than 1% to over 20%.

Welcome cash back bonus

This kind of cashback is given as part of a welcome bonus and some of your first defeats will be returned. This is given as a consolation so that new gamblers do not give up.

Cash back bonus continuous

There are also casinos that offer continuous cash back, usually for a particular day or time of the week. There is also seasonal cash back bonus offered for a limited time for a specified game.

Cashback for VIP

Most VIP programs at any casino will provide cashback as part of the VIP program. Usually, the cashback percentage will increase – the higher the VIP level of a player, the more percentage that comes with it.  Usually, this VIP cash back bonus is aimed at high rollers type of gamblers. I.e. those who risk high amounts every time. 

Cash back with free spins

Sometimes the cashback bonus will be given in a free round, so you can try your luck without having to bet. Free spin can be given alone or with a percentage of loss.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashback Bonus

Like many other bonuses, the cashback bonus has its advantages as well as disadvantages you need to be careful of.


• Avoid huge and extreme defeat

• Extend your betting opportunity

• Low or non-indirect wagering conditions

• Easy and faster wins withdrawals

• There are casinos that offer cash back for your loss throughout the week.


  • You have to lose in a bet before you can claim it
  • Only one percentage of the defeat is returned
  • Sometimes it only applies to your bet in one day
  • It is usually not used with defeat using other casino bonuses, or when there is not yet processed production.
  • There is usually the maximum amount to be claimed and the amount that needs to be at stake or lose.

Important Terms in the Cashback Bonus

  • Rating – In the world of gambling, the rating is a process by which the casino puts gamblers in certain levels depending on their bankruptcy skills and amounts. This rating is important so that the casino can determine who to be invited to become a VIP gambler and enjoy other special services.
  • Bankroll – The term bankroll means the amount of money that a gambler has at a particular time.
  • Bonus codes – These are codes that usually consist of a series of numbers and letters to be used to claim a bonus.
  • Casino Bonus – Bonus is a type of gambling where gamblers can earn money or free rounds, and they can be used for a wide variety of betting and games. However, the victory of this bonus can only be issued once the terms are met, such as play-through.
  • Frequency – The frequency of bonuses is the number of times a bonus can be claimed within a specified time, say in 3 months or a week.


In many bonuses offered to Malaysian players in online casinos, Cash back bonuses are among the most commonly found. However, it is still important for you to be careful about all the cash-back bonuses you meet.

This is because each of these bonuses has certain consumer conditions. You should ask if this bonus could benefit you at the end of the day or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it helps you have more opportunities to win but you need to know the terms of its consumption.

Yes, most cash back bonuses allow you to win real money but you need to qualify before you can win your victory.

Sometimes yes, you need to meet the minimum bet before you can use this bonus or meet the rollover before claiming the victory as a result of this bonus.

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