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Wagering Requirements

In every online casino, there will be many bonuses. These bonuses are offered to new and old gamblers to attract them. However, this bonus usually comes with various terms of use. As a gambler, you are encouraged to understand all the terms and conditions for a bonus before claiming it.

One of the conditions usually found in most bonuses is the wagering requirements. This condition will cause you to fail to withdraw your winnings unless they are fully met.

This time, we will take a closer look at it to understand it more deeply.

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What is Betting?

To understand what betting requirements are, you must first understand what betting is. A bet is an amount of money that you place for an event to happen or not happen. Bets are usually placed on another party, such as another gambler or bookie.

These bets are usually made at online casinos and real casinos on some of the games provided. Examples of games here include slots, and casino table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo, and many more.

Wagering Requirements

What are the Betting Requirements?

As mentioned before, when you bet at an online casino you will be offered a bonus. This casino bonus takes the form of free money for you to make bets, as well as free spins that can be used for games such as slots.

However, each bonus has its own conditions. Among the most common conditions are wagering requirements.

You may not withdraw any money won from money and bonus free spins until these conditions are met. These requirements may be difficult for new gamblers, as well as veteran gamblers, to understand.

Basically, the wagering requirement is an amount that is a multiple of the amount of bonus money or winnings, which you have to wager before being allowed to make a cash withdrawal.

When you meet these wagering requirements, you will be allowed to withdraw the winnings from the earlier bonus.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

The wagering requirement is a condition that you must meet before you can withdraw your winnings from any bonus. In this requirement, you must play several times the bonus money you claim first, before being considered eligible.

For example, if you see a 10x wagering requirement, that means you have to bet ten times the bonus money you got.

To get any bonus, such as a Welcome bonus, birthday bonus, VIP bonus, and so on, you should look at the bonus and promotions section of each betting site. Follow the instructions listed on each page to claim it.

Before claiming any bonus, you are advised to read the conditions first, which will often involve wagering requirements.

How Do We Calculate Wagering Requirements?

The calculation of the amount you need to bet to meet the wagering requirements depends on the type of bonus you have claimed and used.

Free Money Bonus

If you claim free money, let’s say a 100% Welcome Bonus up to RM500, and you deposit RM100, you will get RM100 as bonus free money. Now the amount you have to bet is RM100 (deposit) + RM100 (bonus) = RM200.

You now need to check the terms. Sometimes this condition involves a deposit and sometimes it does not involve a deposit. Based on the example above, here’s how to calculate both situations, if the wagering requirement is 10x in three months:

Bonus only: RM 100 (bonus) x 10x = RM1000

So you need to bet RM1000 within three months of claiming the bonus so that you can withdraw the winnings from using the RM100 bonus.

Bonus and deposit: (RM100 + RM100) x 10x = RM200 x 10x = RM2000

In this case, you need to bet RM2000 in three months to withdraw any winnings

Bonus Free Spins

For bonuses where free spins are given and come with a wagering requirement, the wagering requirement is calculated based on the number of winnings you get from that spin.

Let’s say you claim 20 free rounds, i.e. free spins. With these 20 free spins, you win RM50.

Now, the terms state that you need to rollover 10x, within three months.

Free spins requirement: RM50 x 10x = RM500

So, you must bet as much as RM500 within three months if you want to withdraw your RM50 winnings.

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No Wagering Requirement Bonus

This kind of bonus is very rare. If you are lucky, you will get a bonus without wagering, also called a wager-free casino bonus. This kind of bonus has no conditions on the additional wagers you need to make.

Normally, you are allowed to withdraw your winnings from this bonus immediately. Although these bonuses are usually smaller than bonuses with wagering requirements, they are better for you. Some of the reasons include:

  • You can withdraw it without spending more money, then it is a net profit.
  • Bonus received and winnings from it are real money.
  • Withdrawals can be made immediately.

Low Wagering Requirement Bonus

A bonus with a low wagering requirement or low wagering bonus is a bonus with few conditions. For example, the requirements for regular bonuses range from 10x to 30x, but low wagering requirement bonuses only require you to wager 1x-5x. Sometimes the terms of such bonuses are better than bonuses without these requirements because the amount of free money and free spins is usually higher. This is an advantage to your strategy if you know how to use it correctly.

Can We Avoid Or Overcome Wagering Requirements?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. In the long run, you really can’t avoid these conditions. If you do not want and do not like the practice of betting more to withdraw winnings, you can avoid such bonuses.

Another option for bonuses exists, which is this unconditional bonus. However, such bonuses are usually smaller and rarer. In addition to this, there are also other bonuses such as cashback that do not have this requirement.

However, you should remember that bonuses with wagering requirements are very profitable because they double the money you have to bet on casino games such as slots and so on.

Wagering Requirements Are Part Of The Gambler’s Experience

Any bonus you claim as a gambler at Malaysian online casinos comes with its own terms and conditions. Therefore, you should be prepared to meet the requirements. Among the most common conditions encountered is the wagering requirement, which is the amount of money you have to bet before you can withdraw your winnings from the bonus.

Such conditions mean that you should be prepared to continue betting at a casino for the long term. If you continue to bet at a casino, this condition will not burden you. You can enjoy more opportunities with the bonuses you claim, so don’t miss this opportunity.


It is a condition that comes with a claimed bonus, which involves wagering a certain amount of money before you are allowed to withdraw winnings from the bonus.

In the long run no. However, you can find bonuses that are free of wagering requirements or other bonuses such as cash back.

In wagering requirements, you must wager a multiple of your deposit or bonus received, or the sum of both, before being allowed to withdraw the bonus winnings.

It is actually a way to prevent money laundering, which is to prevent gamblers from making deposits and withdrawing them immediately.

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