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Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a fun and exciting activity. It is also an entertaining activity. However, for some people, this activity can change from an attractive passing time to a major problem.

When this happens, gambling has become too important in one’s life, to affect their well-being, as well as their financial conditions and their relationships with their loved ones.

Is this yours? Let’s see how you can gamble more responsibly.

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What is the difference between responsible gambling and problem gambling?

When we gamble, sometimes we may feel that we have lost control. How do we know the differences between healthy gambling and problematic gambling practices?

The answer is, that we should observe the signs in ourselves. There are some popular myths held by many gamblers. These beliefs are very dangerous and can cause you to lose control of gambling. These include:

  • If this machine has not paid out for a long time, it will pay me shortly.
  • If I gamble longer, I can win back my loss.
  • I have strategies that can guarantee victory.
  • Gambling is all about skills.
  • I’m an experienced gambler and I know what I’m doing.
  • If I follow my specific rituals/rituals I can win.
  • Playing with a VIP club card will reduce the chances of winning
  • The slot machine has a ‘hot’ season where it will pay out more often.
  • Playing more than one machine can increase the chances of winning.
  • Casino staff can help you find a slot machine that will pay out.

When you start to trust things and so on, you may be in danger. This is because your way of thinking is far from the truth and it should be controlled.

Responsible Gambling

What are the warning signs you have to pay attention to

As we discussed before, you should be aware of your own behavior, and note that you are experiencing the following:

Time Use

You spend more time gambling than planned, and this begins to affect your daily life and work. This may also affect your income and your relationship with your loved ones.

The pursuit of loss

When you lose and do not win after a long time, you do not stop until you win back the loss you are experiencing. This is an unhealthy practice as it will increase the net loss you are experiencing.

Don’t want to stop

If you are angry or uncomfortable when asked to stop gambling, this is an indication that you are not in a healthy mental state. This indicates that you may experience addiction and need to be helped immediately.

Main Steps: Reflect on self and confession

Psychology experts often say that every person who suffers from addiction or loss of control should admit they have problems before they can recover.

We know that this addictive behavior is a mental health situation that requires attention.

However, no help will work if you do not admit that there is a problem with your gambling practice. Therefore, self-reflection is very important. If it is possible, you should be self-reflective and ask yourself if gambling has a detrimental effect on your life.

What can you do?

First of all, you do not have to be ashamed of this problem as it is a matter that many gamblers experience. There are many experts and organizations out there that can help you. You don’t have to overcome it or go through it as this may not work.

It is best if you can contact a person with experience in how to solve this gambling problem.

Like other addictions, there are deeper issues that need to be addressed and resolved before you can feel freer.

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Tips for maintaining responsible gambling

Here, we list some ways that can help you be more responsible when gambling. These practices can avoid your gambling activities from becoming more than entertainment and endangering your lifestyle.

Don’t make it a source of income

Make sure that you do not consider gambling activities as a source of income. In general, this is irrational even though there are many movies about professional gamblers. Do not use gambling as a solution of financial problems as well.

Attitude toward loss

All the money you spend on betting and eliminating must be considered as your entertainment cost. You cannot pursue this defeat and gamble until you win your losses as it will cause you to lose more.

You should also not increase your bets every time after losing to get the money you lose.

Set the Limit

There are several boundaries and limits that you need to set for yourself. This includes the money limit spent during the bet and the time limit spent gambling. You should try to meet these two limits.

Do not gamble on credit

Ideally, do not gamble using credit card debt. Just use the money you already have to gamble and expect your defeat.

Do not gamble when emotional

Do not use gambling activities as a way of entertaining your heart when you are angry, sad, or heartbroken. Studies have found that if you gamble when you are emotional you are more likely to make mistakes.

Gambling is also not an answer to life problems such as depression, loneliness, anger, or stress.

Teach yourself

Try to learn how to improve your mental health as a gambler and how to know the early signs of problematic gambling.

Researching is useful

If you want to protect yourself from gambling addiction, you can refer to a variety of sites online. One of the great places to start is the organization of Gamblers Anonymous, where they have many useful literary and audio sources. They also have a brief test for you to determine if you have gambling problems. Other online sources include sites like Gambling Therapy.

In Malaysia, you can contact any nearby Counseling and Psychological Services Center. They usually have good gambling recovery programs and are professionally run.

Conclusion: Responsibility

As a gambler, you must be responsible for your own choices and behavior. Gambling is a form of entertainment. However, if you are not careful it can be a serious addiction.

If you need help, there are many services and bodies in the country that can help you. The place you can start is at a health center where medical personnel can certainly recommend places and organizations where addiction can be treated with modern medical and psychological methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

It includes you gambling beyond your ability, and it has a negative impact on your lifestyle.

There are online and real world support groups consisting of individuals with similar problems. You all share problems and help to solve them.

Yes, you should contact a professional organization that provides support and treatment to those with addiction, including gambling addiction.

The main step is to admit that there is a problem, before any step can be effective.

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