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“Craps”: Unique Dice Betting Game

Craps is a casino game also offered by online casinos. It might not be as popular as other casino table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker, however, it still is one of the iconic games of any casino and is a pretty popular game.

Craps game involves throwing two dice seeds and a table with betting plots. In real casinos, Craps tables are amongst the liveliest and probably the loudest betting tables. This is because the game of Craps involves another gambler betting on the dice rolled by the gambler known as a ‘shooter’.

In this section, we’ll learn how to play Craps, especially for those of you who are new gamblers.

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What Is the Origin of Craps?

Dice roll and betting on the value of its results can be traced back to the world’s most ancient civilizations, such as in China and Rome. Such games became popular as roadside gambling games.

In ancient times too, dice games were in high interest by Roman soldiers, as the dice were very small and could be carried to the battlefield easily. It becomes a kind of entertainment when they take a break from battle. 

The ancestors of the modern Craps game we have today are the creation of a nobleman in Jerusalem named William of Tyre, during the Crusades. The game was named after a palace known as Azarth, which eventually changed its name to Hazard.

Hazard’s game spread throughout Europe and became increasingly popular. In the 17th century, it became a very common game found in eateries around France.  However, the French call it Crapauds, which means frog, because the player will crouch on the floor while playing, just like a frog. This is where the game got the name Craps.

Like other table games, it was then brought to America and given a slight upgrade, until it became a common game found in casinos in Las Vegas.

Craps Game

How to Play Craps?

The first step in any round of Craps game is to choose a ‘Shooter’. This shooter is responsible for tossing the dice pairs to get numbered results. 

At the beginning of any Craps round, once the Shooter is selected, the croupier will take bets from all the other gamblers that are on the Craps table. We’ll explain what kinds of betting decisions can be made by gamblers who want to participate in this Craps round.

Once everyone has finished making a bet, Shooter will make the first dice throw, referred to as ‘Come Out Roll’. This first dice throw can have three types of results.


If the total value of both dice seeds is 7 or 11, the dice numbers are considered to win and Shooter is allowed to make the roll of the dice again.


When the total of both dice is 2, 3, or 12, this throw is counted as losers. But the round is not over and Shooter is allowed to throw again.


Point values are 4,5,6,8, 9, and 10. If the dice have this value, you need to discard the dice again to get the same point value. The purpose of the next dice throw is to get the same amount as the first throw before the value of 7 is reached. The combination of dice is not important, provided you get the same point value as the first throw before the number 7 appears.

In the online Craps game, when your first throw gets the point roll, the white light will be turned on and will only be turned off when you roll that point again.

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Types of Craps Bets That Can Be Made

Once we understand all the dice throws made by Shooter, we have to understand the types of bets that gamblers can make on Craps tables. When you arrive at any Craps table, you’ll see a table marked with various terms and numbers. 

All of these terms and numbers have to do with bets that can be made in a Craps round. Some can be made at any time in the round, but some can only be made at certain times. Here are the bets in Craps:

Pass Line 

You can bet on the Pass Line before the ‘Come Out Roll’. Pass Line betting is very easy. You should specify the number of chips you want to bet and they will be placed in the Pass Line section on the table. 

If come out roll is natural, it will be considered a win and if it’s a Craps you lose. The other numbers are points. A shooter must get the point number again before the number 7 appears for you to win the pass. So in other words, if you bet on the Pass Line, you only win if the result of dice throwing is a natural or a successful point.

Don’t Pass Line

If you bet on the Don’t Pass Line, you bet on everything that goes against the terms of the Pass Line. That is, on Come Out Roll you’ll lose if the results are Natural and win if the results Craps. If the dice-throwing result is Point, you will win if Shooter fails to get the Point number again before number 7 appears. 

What’s special in the Don’t Pass Line is that if Shooter throws 12 dice, this is said to be ‘Push’ i.e. nothing happens, and you don’t win or lose.

Come Bets

Come bets can only be made when a Point value is already specified. In a typical Craps round, Shooter will reach the level where point results are found, and pass betting requires him to repeat point before number 7 appears in his dice removal to win. 

However, Come Betting considers throwing the dice after getting this Point result just like ‘Come Out Roll’. This means that if you bet Come after Shooter gets the Point if the next dice throw is 7 or 11 (Natural) you win, if it’s 2,3 or 12 (Craps) you lose and the other number becomes Point, which is known as Come-Point Bet. If you follow so far, you’ll notice that Come Bet is the same bet as Pass, but assume the game round starts once Shooter gets a Point result in a regular round.

Don’t Come Bets

Do Not Come or Don’t Come Bets bets can also only be made after the Point value is found by Shooter. The next roll of the dice is considered a ‘Come Out Roll’ throw and the same condition as the Don’t Pass bet, that is, if Shooter gets the Natural result, you lose; If you get Craps you win, and if you get Point and Shooter fail to repeat it before number 7 appears you win.

Place Bets

Place Bets can be performed at any time in Craps rounds. You are allowed to bet on the specific number of any dice thrown by Shooter, and you will win or lose based on whether the number appears on the throw.

Field Bets

Field betting is the same as Place Bet, which is a bet that can be made at any time in Craps. The difference is that a Field bet is a bet on a range of numbers rather than a specific value.

Other Bets

On the Craps table, you’ll see several other betting options, such as Big 8 and Big 6, as well as One Roll Betting which is the specific result of one dice roll and is in the boxes in the middle of the table.

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Best and Worst Bets In Craps

In your Craps strategy, it’s important to know which bets have the highest and lowest winning probability. 

Don’t Come and Don’t Pass betting has the lowest host advantage (house edge), which is around 1.37%. This was followed by Pass Lines and No Pass bets, each with a house advantage of 1.41%.

For the hardest bet, one roll bets or any bets at all for a specific result of dice throw have among the highest host advantages. For example, bets on 2 or 12 have a house advantage of 13.89% and any 7 bets have a host advantage of 16.67%.

If you want to make one-roll bets, you should expect a difficult win from such bets. 

Play Craps Online

Key Terms in Craps

Center Field – When the dice reads 9

Craps – Dice worth 2, 3 and 12

Big Red – When the dice reads 7

Boxman –The officer at Craps desk who manages Chips and Dealers actions

Easy Way – Dice of 4, 6, 8, and 10 that are not double dice or two dice of equal value

Natural – Dice results with a value of 7 and 11

Shooter – The man assigned to throw a pair of dice in Craps round

Place Number – When dice are worth 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10

Seven Out – When Shooter rolls 7 and ending the Point round

Snake eyes –The term for dice pairs with number one on each, giving the sum of 2

Working bets – Betting for the next roll of the dice

Winning Tips and Craps Strategy

For those of you who have just started Craps games, there are a few tips and guides that can help you decide at the gambling table, especially if you’re going to be playing in a real money casino, whether in real life or in cyberspace. 

  • Manage the cash correctly. Don’t bet them all at once for a Craps round or just one type of bet.
  • Always bet on Pass Lines, Don’t Pass, Come, and Don’t Come as it’s the highest probability bet to win.
  • If you are a new gambler, you can request help from the Dealer and other officers at the desk if you have any questions.
  • Your techniques and strategies will improve if you continue to play and practice this Craps game, and after a period of time, you can become a skilled player.

Craps Game Determined By Fate

Table casino games like Craps offer a very special experience. As long as you understand the basic rules of the game, this game can be a source of your profits while gambling.  

Not many complicated strategies are required. You only need to understand the probability involved for each dice pair throwing result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Craps is a casino game where you bet on a pair of dice.

One of the gamblers known as 'Shooter' will be assigned to throw the dice.

Don't Come and Don't Pass betting is the highest probability of victory.

Yes, most virtual casinos offer Craps on their sites.

Yes, many live channels have special channels for Craps.

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