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The world of online gambling is filled with various gambling sites. There are hundreds of thousands of sites from around the world, and they all want to attract gamblers to their sites. However, what if there are casino sites that are dishonest and do not comply with standards and regulations. There are also casino sites set up solely to cheat your money.

Therefore, it is important for gamblers to be more vigilant on any gambling site out there. Here, we will list the information that can help you identify blacklisted casinos as well as choose authentic and safe casinos.

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Why Will a Casino Site Be Blacklisted?

There are many reasons why a casino might be blacklisted. Typically, online casino review sites will keep this blacklist to alert gamblers.

Casinos that violate ethics will usually be reported by gamblers who have had a bad experience there. The casino site reviewers will conduct their own independent investigation to confirm the allegations made. If the gambler’s report is found to be correct, and the problem cannot be properly resolved by the casino concerned, the casino will be blacklisted. Especially if there is more than one negative report from a user.

Here are some of the main reasons why a casino site can be blacklisted:

Not Paying Out winnings

There are casinos that do not pay out winnings to gamblers despite being asked to do so many times. Various excuses were given and payments were delayed for months, and eventually not paid at all. This is a very serious offense and will result in a casino being given the highest warning.

Dishonest Games or Payout Rates

Online casino games need to emulate real-world casino games in terms of RTP rates. The RTP rate reflects the percentage of money that can be won back by a player and is usually very high at around 95-99%. If a casino tries to use computer software with a low RTP, i.e. they are trying to make excessive profits from gamblers, this is a form of fraud.

No Customer Support

Gamblers will feel safe in an online casino if there are staff who are real human beings to lead and answer their questions. If this is not the case and all their worries and problems are ignored, this will affect the reputation of the casino.

No License From Standards Body

Unlicensed online casinos are a clear sign that they do not want to take business seriously. It also means that they can act at will without having to answer to any accredited body. This is one of the serious offenses that can lead to a casino being blacklisted.

Too Complicated Production Process

Sometimes in order to reduce or prevent withdrawals by gamblers, casino sites will impose overly complicated withdrawal processes and conditions. This will cause anxiety and stress to the gambler until they give up and don’t want to withdraw it anymore.

blacklisted casinos

Online Casino Bonus Scams

Among the bad things that often happen to online gamblers is fraud in terms of bonuses.

As we know, casinos offer various bonuses to attract gamblers to their sites. Bonuses are given in various forms such as a percentage of free deposits and free spins.

However, bonuses can also be manipulated, in the following ways:

Excessive rollover conditions

To avoid paying out winnings as a result of bonuses, there are casinos that set outrageous conditions. For example, gamblers are forced to pay thousands of rollovers within days to withdraw their winnings.

Changing Bonus Terms Arbitrarily

There are irresponsible casinos that will change the bonus terms after the gambler claims it. Often, these exchanges will make it more difficult for the gambler to withdraw winnings as a result of the bonus. 

Ignoring Player Bonus Claims

The casino can also choose to completely ignore the gambler’s request for a bonus, i.e. the bonus money is not credited into the player’s account. Further, they may also ignore the player’s request to withdraw the winnings as a result of the claimed bonus. All of these are unethical acts and can be criminal acts as well.

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How To Find Authentic And Safe Casinos

As a gambler, you are responsible for keeping yourself safe in the realm of online gambling. Therefore, you should choose the best online casinos that meet the high-security requirements, to avoid being scammed.

Among the things you need to look out for in an online casino are:

Presence of a valid license

A gambling site license from an international body or local government is a key thing you need to keep in mind. If a casino has a license, this is a good sign that they intend to conduct their affairs honestly and for a long period of time.

Perfect terms and conditions

A truly honest casino will provide a clear section of terms and conditions so that you know how they handle your information, as well as any financial processes. This section should outline all the rules for the casino itself, as well as the gamblers.

Games from well-known brands

A reliable casino will provide gaming software from reputable providers as well. Names like Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, and so on must be present. Next, you can note whether their games are certified by a software honesty standards body, such as eCOGRA.

Great player reviews

A casino that offers a good experience from various aspects will get praise from most of the players who go there. Therefore, you are advised to read what other players have to say about a casino.

Casinos To Avoid

Here, we have to understand that all online casinos sometimes have players who have problems. No online casino is 100 percent perfect. The difference between a legitimate casino and a problematic casino is that a good casino will try to resolve the user’s problem as quickly as possible, while a blacklisted casino ignores negative allegations even if made by more than one player.

Therefore, you should be wary of any casino that has been blacklisted, in order to stay safe, check out the recommended online casinos and read how we write casino reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is because these casino sites exist in the virtual world and are not under the jurisdiction of any government or authority.

Probably yes, maybe not. You should investigate why they are blacklisted.

Honest gaming software should come from a reputable supplier and certified by a standard company such as eCOGRA.

The easiest step is to do a search using a search engine and read reviews about the casino.

You should report it to casino review sites, especially large casino review sites so that other gamblers can be wary.

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