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Live Casino is one of the types of casino games that are gaining popularity among hardcore casino players around the world. Live Casino Malaysia is also growing, with more gamblers choose this option as their go-to online casino gambling games. This is because it has features that can benefit its players more than classic and regular online casino games.

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What Exactly is Live Casino?

Live Casino is an online casino gambling game that combines online casino game features and classic casinos to give you a realistic casino gambling experience, without having to leave home.

Among the features of Live Casino include real dealers or card spreaders as well as the experience of playing with other players from all over the world directly. Gamblers can follow live broadcasts via online casino sites. All these live games run in “real-time” or at the same time as you, i.e. not recorded in advance.

Various channels with different games can be watched via streaming on the casino site of your choice. This live broadcast event goes on as it is being captured in another studio. When the live game occurs, you can make different decisions, choices, and actions using the control buttons provided. Among the games that are often played through Live Casino include poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.

These casino games are open all the time, and you are allowed to join the game whenever you want. Typically, live games can fit more gamblers than regular casino tables in real-world casinos, so you might play with lots of other gamblers. All gamblers as well as croupiers or card spreaders can communicate via the conversation box provided.

Among the pioneering companies, these games include Evolution Gaming, Entwine Tech, Enterasia, Playtech, and CWC Gaming. They are responsible for providing studios, publishers, card spreaders, technical staff, and everything needed to make live dealer games go on successfully.

live casino

Benefits of Live Casino

Live Casino brings a variety of benefits to its players as well as giving them more opportunities to profit from every game they play. Here are some of the benefits of playing live dealer casinos vs regular casinos:

  • Realistic experience – Your online casino gambling experience will not be complete without Live Casino. It gives you the chance to play a variety of classic casino games in such a state as in a classic casino, without having to set foot outside your home.
  • Croupier/Dealer live – Each game will be managed by a croupier (card spreader) or accredited dealer with complete casino experience. They will handle every round of the game, as is the real casino game.
  • Latest Live Casino game technology – Live Casino player offered by Online Casino Malaysia using the latest software and has a cutting-stringed data security system and encryption to provide you with a safe and comprehensive casino gaming experience.
  • Live chat features – Players will always be provided with help chat features as well as 24-hour customer service support daily. This will make it easier for them to get help if you have trouble playing any game.
  • Multiple language support – Almost every Live Casino around the world offers support in multiple languages to make it easier for players to easily use its features. 
  • Play with players from all over the world – Live Casino brings together casino players from various backgrounds and levels of experience in each game. This gives you a great opportunity to improve your betting skills and gambling tactics.
  • Playable anytime – you’ll be able to play live games from anywhere you want. It can not only be played via a laptop but also a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Customer service at all times – Live Malaysia casino customer service offers support and assistance at all times, no matter where you are. Furthermore, the customer service offered is in the local language to facilitate communication.

Live Casino Drawbacks

In many benefits offered by Live Casinos in Malaysia, it also has some disadvantages. Among them are:

  • Limited types of games – Live dealer games offered are usually limited to some of the famous types of games commonly played such as roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack. 
  • Limited betting and returns – Live games online will usually be charged limits on the number of bets that can be made for each type of game. Moreover, your total profit return for the game will also be controlled depending on the type of game you play.
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Most Popular Live Casino Games

Live Casino games that you can play in most online casinos are similar to games offered at real-world casinos. It usually offers games that are offered in real-world casinos of classic games but with virtual versions of nature. Some of the games you can usually find in this section include:

Roulette Live 

Roulette is a game highly favored by gamblers who visit the Live Casino side because the game is easy to understand and follow. Roulette is a game with a spinning wheel and one ball is thrown into the wheel. Gamblers will bet on which number hit the ball.

Blackjack Live 

Blackjack is a game with two or more cards, where you as a betting gambler against the dealership. Parties earning the closest card value to 21 will win bets and if the card value exceeds 21, you will lose. Blackjack became popular because gamblers were able to interact with other players as well as the RTP rates were quite high.

Baccarat Live

Baccarat Games is also a card game at the table. The difference with Blackjack is you’ll play straight with the dealer rather than in the group. In live channels, you’ll play one opponent with a dealer at the table. Baccarat games usually happen very fast and there is an opportunity to add cards in certain situations, so this makes it suitable as a live game.

Poker Live

Poker is a very simple and exciting game, a rule that can even be dominated by beginner players in just a few minutes. According to poker rules, the purpose of the game is to get better poker hands than anyone else at the table, the best five-card win. Card games known as Poker have many versions, where all of them have slightly different rules. Among the most popular versions of poker is Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, which is frequently offered by live channels. Texas Hold ‘Em is a very well known game and is very exciting to play with other real players. This is due to the element of uncertainty and surprise. For a better understanding of poker games, you can read our article about poker.

Sic Bo Live

Sic Bo is also a very exciting casino game if played live. This is because Sic Bo relies on the bounce of three dice seeds. This means that no strategy is involved and it only involves mere luck.

Live Casino Games

Live Casino Security

All Live Casinos operating in Malaysia have licenses recognized by licensing bodies monitoring the casino site. Furthermore, these Casino Live sites utilize the latest and most sophisticated data encryption systems to ensure that your personal and financial transaction details are secured and not accessible to any unauthorized party.

Casino administrators also introduce strict rules for all their players. They also provide state-of-the-art deposit and withdrawal systems for safety on their site, which facilitates transactions for players as well as guarantees the security of banking details when used on Live Casino sites.

Choosing the Best Live Casino

There are some guidelines that you have to follow when choosing a Live Casino, which are indeed important and should not be ignored. First of all, you should only pick a live channel on a legitimate and licensed casino site. This will guarantee the security of your betting money as well as your personal information. It will also ensure that you get a fair and honest chance of victory.

Additionally, the casino site you choose should receive a high rating as well as good reviews from other gamblers. Other gamblers’ opinions in the online gambling world are very highly regarded and should really be considered when selecting a casino site.

Finally, you must ensure that the live games you choose are developed by trusted and disingenuous software providers. Pick the ones that are developed by companies that are well-known and trusted among the online gambling community.

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Steady Live Casino Dealer Features

In live dealer games, each game is managed by a legitimate dealer or “croupier”, who has extensive knowledge in the casino field. These dealers will give you the best casino game experience and you will be able to interact with them as you would with dealers in a real casino.

Here are the characteristics of a well-established and experienced Live Casino dealership in the field of casino game handling.

  1. Knowledge of game rules – Dealers who manage live games has extensive knowledge of the basic game rules as well as details of game rules for each variation of casino games offered through the live system.
  2. Consistent handling of games – The dealerships that handle your live games will use consistent means in each game round. This will ensure that you get equal opportunities in making profits.
  3. Smooth communication – Dealers in Live Casino games will ensure that communication between players at the casino table is controlled and well monitored. This ensures that each player understands the patterns and rules of the game and can make assumptions of what will happen as each round progresses. These aspects help facilitates smooth and effective gaming strategies. 
  4. Game handling skills – The dealers that handle your games will be able to shuffle cards to give you an equal opportunity to win. They are also competent in managing the acceptance of betting and distribution of prize money won by the players.

With all these abilities, the dealer will oversee every aspect of your live game to ensure that each round of your game will be an unforgettable betting experience.

Live Casino Software Providers

Trusted casino software providers share an important feature; that they offer a quality live gambling experience. This means that their streaming channels are smooth, the card distributors are trained and professional, the games are run honestly and they offer a wide variety of casino games.

Some of the most well-known software provider brands are:

Evolution Gaming – Has studios in Malta, Latvia, and Canada and broadcasts with the full HD video quality. They offer the most games than any other brand, up to 35 types of games, including games that are rarely found live such as Wheel of Fortune.

NetEnt – NetEnt Studio is based in Malta and offers only three types of games but all are broadcasted in HD.

BetGames – They operate from Lithuania and offer many rare games such as War of Bets, Lucky 7, Lucky 6, and Dice Duel.

Lucky Streak – The company is based in Latvia and was founded in 2014. They are very popular among Middle Eastern and European gamblers.

Ezugi – Ezugi is a truly international software provider. This is because they have 9 studios around the world including Costa Rica and Cambodia. Their dealer offers over 6 languages including English, Spanish and Turkish.

Mobile Live Casino

Online casino Malaysia has also grown to follow the trend of mobile applications. You will now be able to play live games from anywhere you want from your mobile devices. Furthermore, the Live Casino mobile apps available are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Mobile live dealer games are equipped with charming audiovisuals as well as high-quality graphics to give you a great casino gaming experience, anytime you want.

Live casino games mobile

Getting Started Playing Live Casino

Live Casino may still be something new for you and you are still hesitant to get started. Here are the first steps you can take to start playing Casino Live. From there, you can start honing your talents and skills in managing your Live Casino game strategy:

  • Watch other games/players – You can watch any casino table games in Live Casino without having to make any deposit. This way, you will be able to observe and understand the pattern of the game as well as learn the tactics used by others.
  • Get to know the rules well – Try getting a better grasp of the basic rules of the game you want to try. You can get information on simple game patterns and strategies so that you can guess what to face and be able to organize, to some extent, a simple game strategy.
  • Follow the rules of the lobby – Get to know the lobby of your Live Casino site as best as you can. This will give you a perfect overview of what the live online casino has to offer. Also, you will also be able to see the rules and betting limits for each type of game offered.
  • Try free play – Live Casino games without money will give you the opportunity to try your luck and get to know the games of your choice. This will, to some extent, give you an idea of what you can expect when playing at live real money casinos later.

Live Casino For More Exciting Betting

Live betting offers a unique experience that can not be experienced when betting in video games. In a Live Casino, every card of cards issued and every roll of the dice depends on luck, not computer settings. This makes Live Casino an unparalleled experience. Live Casinos will certainly get a lot of attention as long as online gambling exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all Casino Live games use an automatic shuffle system as well as a random number generator to provide an equal chance of winning to all parties involved in the game.

Yes, all Live Casino games are safe. These dirty tactics will be neutralized by the casino by putting some additional rules. For example, some cards will be burned before being distributed in the next "shoe". This will frustrate the tactics of card makers or players who want to manipulate the game. Furthermore, each round of the game will be monitored by a casino keeper to ensure that every aspect of the game runs smoothly. The game will also be monitored using the camera from every angle as the game progresses.

Yes, Live Casino games can be played for free on some online casino sites. The games that are usually offered for free are blackjack, roulette, and poker.

Yes, you can talk to your dealer. You will be connected through an in-game chat function that allows you to communicate directly with your dealer for matters related to your game.

Yes, of course. Live Casino can be played in mobile form. Most international gambling sites provide Live Casinos that will suit your mobile phone. You can play Live Casino directly without the need for any additional software.

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