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Guide to Poker

Poker is one of the games that are available on all online casinos. No matter where you go, of course, you will find poker games available in the form of videos and live. Poker always attracts players from various backgrounds. The experience of playing poker is exciting and fun.

This is because Poker is a game that requires high cognitive and thinking skills. It does not depend on mere luck, unlike many other table casino games. This feature is what makes poker feel different from other casino table games. Poker requires cognitive thinking skills and requires players to have little ability to act as well.

Poker remains a game that attracts many players from various backgrounds, due to its fun and exciting nature.

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Background and Poker History

The history of the Poker game covers many countries and cultures in the world. There are several versions of poker games that are common, although each version has different rules, such as how cards are distributed to players. The underlying purpose of the Poker game is the same for all versions of the game, which is to get a combination of cards (known as a hand) with the highest value.

Around the 17th century, the closest version of the card game which is similar to what is known as Poker today was popularized in Europe. In France, it is known as Poque while in Germany, it is called Pochen. 

 Poque was then brought to America by colonists from France and was widely played in their colony of New Orleans. From here, Poque expanded to the surrounding areas. After New Orleans became part of the United States in 1801, the game began to become popular among English speakers in America, particularly among the crew members of steamships docking along the Mississippi river, who began calling it Poker.

 From there, Poker was widely known as a card game and was popularized in the Wild Wild West salons films. During the First World War, American soldiers often played Poker and brought their cards to Europe. Modern poker was first played in Las Vegas in the 1960s and became famous through the World Series of Poker competition.

History of Poker

Key Terms In Poker 

Like other casino games, poker also has a set of its own terms. These terms are used to describe certain movements, results, and individuals in those games. Here are some of the key terms used in Poker:

Ante – A small bet that a gambler places before the beginning of a poker round.

All-in – A gambler’s decision to risk all the chips that he has.

Call – Risking the same amount of money as the previous player, which is the minimum amount.

Blind Bets are made by the first gambler after a dealer in The Texas Hold’em poker.

Bluff – Raises the number of bets to give the impression that you have a good hand.

Check – Decide not to risk anything for the present round.

Dealer – The player is shuffling and distributing the cards. 

Draw – When a player needs an extra card to win.

Fold – The decision to hand in and not to play in the round, including handing over all the chips that have been placed in the pot.

Pot – The amount of betting money of all players in the poker round. 

Raise – Making a bet higher than the previous players.

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What Is A Poker Hand?

In poker games, all players need to obtain the combination of the best 5 cards to win. The gambling deck of 52 cards is used. Ace cards have the highest value, followed by King, Queen, and Jack. These cards are followed by cards numbered from ten to two with their value from high to low.

The cards in the gambling deck have four types of symbols, known as suits.There are four cards of the suit are Spade, Heart, Diamonds, and Clubs.  In poker, a combination of these 5 cards is referred to as the ‘Poker Hand’.

The list of  poker hands from the highest to lowest value are as follows:

  1. Royal Flush Ace Cards, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 with the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush – Five cards in any declining seal, with the same suit.
  3. Four of a Kind Four out of five cards with the same card value, but each suite is different.
  4. Full house – Three cards with different values and suits, as well as one pair of cards of the same value.
  5. Flush – Any five cards with the same suit
  6. Straight Five cards with consecutive values, but different suits
  7. Three of a kind Three cards with the same value but different suits 
  8. Two pairs Two card pairs with the same value, for example, two cards of 10 Spades with or 10 Clubs or 2 Spades with 2 Diamonds.
  9. Pair – A card pair with the same value. 
  10. High card In this instance, where any of the combinations above are unavailable, the highest value card will be a player’s ‘Hand’.
Poker Hand

Poker Game Settings

For every poker game,  a minimum of two-player and a maximum of ten players can play on the same table. Poker is played with a deck of 52 standard cards. The goal of the game is to win the pot and to achieve it, you will need to obtain a better hand poker than anyone else at the table or force another player to Fold.

The basic rule for playing Poker is the same, i.e. all players are given five cards (or seven cards in some versions). The card is distributed by the dealer or an electronic button. The method of distribution of the cards varies according to the poker version played.

Once the card is distributed, each player takes a turn to make a bet. At this stage, terms such as Call, Fold, and Raise are used. Players can also Check and not engage around. 

If you have a strong Poker hold, you can Raise a bet or Check to wait and see what other players will do, depending on it, you can decide what to do next. However, if your poker cards are very weak, it would be advisable to Fold and to wait for a better deal. It is not worth taking risks with a weak poker hand especially when you are a beginner.

The final stage is known as Showdown, where all players reveal their cards.Players with the highest value of cards will win all the money at stake in the pot.

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Most Popular Variations Of Poker

Since poker is played worldwide and has a fairly long history, there is a wide variety of variations on this game. The basic concept of the game is the same, in which the card player is distributed, the player bets, and the player with the highest value of the poker hand will win. Here are the most common variations of poker that are available:

Draw Poker

In the poker draw, all cards are distributed face down. Players’ cards are not disclosed and all players at the table do not know what types of cards are held by other players. All cards will only be revealed during the showdown stage.

Stud Poker

In Stud poker, a portion of cards, known as Hole cards, are distributed and concealed. Hole Cards can amount to one or two cards. All other cards are revealed and distributed facing up. The most popular version of Stud poker is 7-Stud poker, where players get 7 cards with some partially revealed and the others concealed.

Texas Hold’em Poker

In Texas Hold’em, two cards are distributed face-down to each player. The next card is known as the Flop, Turn, and River cards that are revealed and can be used by any player to make the combination of the highest-value on hand. Texas Hold’em Poker is the most played and most popular version of poker.

Three Card Poker

3 Card Poker has gained popularity not only because it is fun to play but also because the rules are easy to learn. Three card poker involves playing against the dealer, and not against other opponents. However, the results here depend on luck and the ability to play.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker utilizes a card that is known as a community card. However,  Omaha poker players are given four Hole cards instead of two types of Texas Hold’em. Players need to use the two Hole cards themselves and three of the five community cards to form the highest-value combination of cards.

Video Poker

Poker video is an online casino game that is a poker coupled with a slot machine. The game attracts fans of slot machines and poker games, as it combines these two types. Poker videos are played on special machines, without the participation of traders. A player has to hit a winning poker hand to win the game.

To be able to play video poker, you will need to have basic poker skills, including knowledge of all poker combinations. Most video poker variants use the same poker hands. You can opt to play with a five-card hand and choose which card you want to replace to get the best cards on hand. Read our video poker guide if you want to learn more about this game.

Playing With Real Money As Compared To The Free to Play

Of course, betting with money on poker offers a unique experience that cannot be replicated with free poker games. This is because when you bet with real money, you are investing your own money into the game and into the pot making it no longer a video game and you will have the urge to win.

In betting money on poker games, you also have the opportunity to win cash. Hence, it can be a great reward for your game skills.

Free poker allows you to practice and develop poker skills. Poker is a game that needs to be experienced in the closest conditions to a real experience. This will help you improve in your game.

Playing Poker In-person Versus Online Poker

In reality, poker is usually played with several players. Playing poker in casinos is interesting as you will be able to observe the ‘bluff’ tactics or traps used by other players in the game.

For online poker, as you will not be able to observe the physical expressions or the body language of other players clearly, it makes the game difficult and requires a change in strategy.

However, online poker has many advantages as well. You will have the opportunity to choose from many types of poker and there are a variety of poker game channels that are available.

Online casinos that offer poker are usually generated and played with computer software. Online Poker offers an equal experience with real-world poker, alongside the same chances of winning as well.

Online casinos also do offer live poker. The casino records the game in a studio and it is broadcast directly to you. Thus, all the cards you get are entirely dependent on luck. 

Online Poker

How To Choose The Right Poker Site

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a casino website to play poker.

Safety and casino licenses – Through its licensing, an online casino ensures that all payments processed by the casino are valid and safe. 

Availability of Bonus – If the bonus offered by a casino is lucrative and can be used for poker, you are in luck. Then choose a casino with a casino bonus that can support you.

Payment and withdrawal channels – Choose a casino where you can easily deposit and withdrawal money. Look out for payment channels that are available in Malaysia as well as the time period for processing payments. Do take note of the casino payment methods.

Type of poker that is available – The wider the variety of poker that is available, the better your chances of winning as you will have the opportunity to try out different strategies to win. 

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Playing Poker On Mobile

Today’s software technology allows you to play poker on your mobile phones. This mobile version is available in the form of casino apps as well as sites that can be played through internet browser applications.

With such mobile poker availability, the game is now more accessible. This is because mobile phones are cheaper and widely available as compared to computers.

Play poker on Mobile phones

Poker Tips To Improve Your Game

There are many ways to improve your gameplay, tips, and strategies to play poker, but the main advice is to practice poker until you get bored with practicing. There are no better tips than your own experience. Alternatively, you can follow the following guidelines:

Don’t play all your ‘hand’ – You will not be able to win with all cards which you have on hand. If you do not have any good combinations of cards, it would be advisable to ‘Fold’.

Defend a good ‘hand’ If you do have a good combination of cards, you should take the challenge and increase your bets in the pot.

Take the farthest position from the dealer – this will give you more room to see cards and the reactions of other players before deciding on betting.

Learn the probability of available cards – If you are an experienced player, you should learn the probability of cards. This will allow you to make assumptions on the type of cards that have been distributed and those that other players have.

Poker: The Game To Dominate

Poker is a card game that requires critical and sharp thinking. Although there are many variations of poker that are available, these games are premised on the same underlying principles. The underlying concept of poker is that players with the best combination of poker hands will win the game. As it is an unbeatable game, you should start taking steps towards mastering poker today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Hold'em poker is the most commonly played online poker.

To win in poker, you need to get the most valuable combination of cards or hand.

The best strategy to win is to practice and to gain experience.

There are over 15 poker variations, with differences in the manner and the number of cards distributed to players, as well as the presence of community cards.

The money placed on the bet will remain there and be distributed to the winner later. Usually, these results are taken when you want to reduce losses.

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