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Online Casino Bonuses And Promotions

Bonuses and promotions can be found in almost all online casinos today. Bonuses are some of the most significant attractions and features for the top online casinos. It can be considered as the peak of any casino sites.

Casinos in the real world are always offering promotions and events that can attract more gamblers to their casinos. These include organizing contests for different casino games, shows for visitors, VIP card programs, and many more. Some of the attractions that are commonly used by real casinos are not suited to be used by online casinos. Therefore, online casinos are more dependent on bonuses for players. 

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Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

In any field, certain brands will always think of ways to keep their old customers as well as draw new customers. So is in the casino field. Thus, bonuses are an effective way to achieve these objectives. Let us take a closer look as to why online casinos offer bonuses:

To Attract New Gamblers

Anyone will enjoy and be enticed by freebies. With bonuses, the experience of joining a new casino will be less financially taxing. It can attract gamblers to sign up and make their first deposits. 

Free cash can persuade new gamblers who are wary of or dislike a casino to make the first bet because it does not necessarily involve their own money. Once they have passed the trial stage, they will be more likely to choose to stay with that casino because it has won their trust.

Stand Out From The Other Casinos

There are hundreds of online casinos, and all of them offer similar games. For a casino to stand out from the other casinos, they need to brand themselves. Thus, apart from having specific themes, casinos also use bonuses and promotions to distinguish themselves. 

Retaining The Existing Gamblers

For bettors who have gambled at a casino for a long time, they will feel bored if there are no encouragement or new challenges. Because of that, casinos are always giving rewards to old gamblers, especially in the form of VIP programs. Bonuses for players who regularly play are not the same as bonuses for new players, and they involve bonuses for more massive amounts of bets. 

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The Most Popular Types of Bonuses

Just like the casinos in the real world, online casinos offer a variety of bonuses that can benefit you. Several types of bonuses are commonly found in almost every online casino. These bonuses are offered to all gamblers, including new players and old players. 

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus, also known as new gambler bonus or first deposit bonus. It is offered to gamblers that have just registered for a casino. This bonus is given on the first deposit made by the new gamblers. Usually, it comes in the form of a percentage of a free deposit as well as free spins for popular games. 

Bonuses for Second, Third and Subsequent Deposits

Other than the first deposit, some casinos also offer bonuses for several subsequent deposits, some even give bonuses for up to the fifth deposit. It has the same bonus form as the welcome bonus, which is a percentage of a deposit given for free along with free spins for certain games. 

No-Deposit Bonus

Sometimes, in rare circumstances, casinos will offer bonuses to gamblers without requiring the gamblers to make any payments, the casino bonus with no deposit. If you want to claim this bonus, usually you will only need to enter the given code. 

Loyalty Bonus or VIP Bonus

This bonus is offered to old gamblers who have reached the highest stage in the VIP program or have wagered a massive amount of money on the casino. Often, the higher the player’s VIP level, the more bonuses can be enjoyed. 

High Roller Bonus

High roller refers to the gamblers who often place large amounts of bets, that cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Some high rollers wager up to millions of dollars. Hence, the bonus offered to these high rollers is highly valuable as well. 

Free spins

Free spins are free games that are provided by online casinos to you as a part of different promotions, and these bonuses are usually associated with slot games. It may be a part of the welcome bonus offer, as a part of a no-deposit bonus, or just as a stand-alone promotion.  

When online casinos give you a free spin, it will instantly be credited to your account, and you can use it on selected games or all games depending on the conditions of the bonus.  

Other Bonuses

Aside from the bonuses mentioned here, most casinos out there also offer other bonuses like holiday season bonuses, Cashback bonuses, top-up bonuses, Reload bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and many more. Some of these bonuses are temporary and seasonal, while some are offered regularly and are always available. 

20BET Casino logo Welcome Bonus 100% Up To RM588 + 120 FS Claim Bonus
1 20BET Casino logo Welcome Bonus 100% Up To RM588 + 120 FS Claim Bonus20Bet Casino Review

Are Bonuses Really Worth It? 

As mentioned before this, there are various bonuses offered by casinos. Generally, there are no clear answers about whether a bonus is worth it or not. It all depends on the type of bonus and how you use it. A bonus can be gratifying to the gambler, as well as to the casino itself. Gamblers should remember that casinos are a business that needs to make a profit from time to time. 

Thus, when using a bonus, you need to consider the probability of winning a game and whether the bonus is needed. A bonus often requires you to make a rollover, which is making a certain amount of bets before you withdraw your winnings from the casino. If you are not ready to make the rollover or if the rollover conditions are too high or strict, that bonus may not be suitable for you. 

The best way to decide whether a bonus is worth it for your situation is to calculate how much you are going to win by using the bonus based on the casino advantage (house edge). It means that you need to use a big bonus for games with smaller casino advantage.

Even better is a no-deposit bonus or other bonuses without rollover or other conditions. These types of bonuses are free money that can be used more freely, and you can withdraw the winnings without having to do much. However, you should always read the terms and conditions of the bonus first. 

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How to Choose the Best Bonus

A good bonus is one that can benefit you and will not result in you losing even more. Therefore, you should always be careful when claiming and using a bonus, especially when betting with real money. This is because choosing the wrong bonus can cause you to lose even more money. These are the ways to choose the right bonus to use:

 Conditions to Withdraw Winnings

Usually, a bonus requires you to wager more money to withdraw the winnings you earn from a bonus.  This is known as ‘rollover’ or ‘playthrough’. 

Playthrough requires you to bet the bonus you receive several times before you get to withdraw the winning from that bonus. Some casinos require you to bet 25x or 50x the bonus received. Due to that, you need to understand the conditions for a bonus before using it. You should be comfortable with all the terms and conditions before getting started. 

Bonus Validity Period

Apart from winnings withdrawal conditions, you should also look at how long a bonus can be used. Some bonuses can only be used for several hours, and some are only valid for a day or two. Choose a bonus only if you are sure that you can meet the rollover conditions within the validity period. 

Bonus Percentage

Bonuses from different casinos have different percentages. Aside from having lenient conditions, you should also want high bonus percentages so you can have more free money when betting. 

Games Allowed

Various types of bonuses have different conditions. Some can be used for any casino games of your choice, while some can only be used for certain games.

If the bonus conditions are too strict and only allow you to use it for games with high casino advantage, you might have to think twice before using it.

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How to Claim Your Bonus

Even though the layout of casino sites is different for different online casino sites, but the process is almost the same. The first step is to visit the casino site of your choice and register yourself as a new gambler if you have not already done so. The registration process requires you to fill in personal information, and some require you to provide certain documents.

Once your account has been approved (this might take a while), you need to go to the casino’s promotions page to see which bonus you are qualified to receive. The promotions and bonus page will have a complete list of the bonuses offered on the casino’s website. For new gamblers, you will indeed receive a welcome bonus. Read the terms and conditions for your choice of bonuses. This step is crucial in deciding whether the bonus is right for you and will benefit you. 

After reading the terms and conditions of the bonus, pay attention to the bonus code. Now go to the finance page to make a deposit. Before making any deposits, you will be asked to enter the bonus you want to claim. Once the bonus code is entered, press the ‘Make Deposit’ button. The bonus will be credited to your account with the deposit you have made. 

However, bonus codes are not the system used in all casinos and are not compulsory. Sometimes, there are bonuses offered without a code, which is the bonus that is automatically available to you when making a deposit. You will be given an option by the casino to either accept or reject the bonus. 

You are now free to play casino games using your deposit and bonus. But, you must meet the conditions of the bonus bet, such as rollover, to withdraw the winnings from using the bonus you are claiming.

The process is not complicated, but you should understand all the conditions of the bonus or you might make a mistake. Hence, when claiming a bonus, you should not rush and must be observant. Aside from understanding the conditions on a bonus page, you should read the general terms and conditions of a casino to understand the process of using their bonuses and see whether there are conditions unique from other casinos.  

Understanding Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements is a concept that states the number of times you need to bet a bonus that you receive before you can withdraw the money won by using the bonus. 

Generally, wagering requirements are conditions that you have to meet before you can enjoy rewards from the bonus. Wagering requirements come in the form of ‘playthrough’ which is a number multiplier such as 10x, 25x dan so on. 

The conditions for every bonus are different from one another and are set by the casino. So, you should not rush when using any bonuses. The bonus should be used after you have fully understood the terms and conditions. 

Playthrough works like this. If a playthrough is 10x and you have an RM20 bonus, then you must wager RM200 to get any money won by using the RM20 bonus earlier. Playthrough is usually quite low for sports betting and free betting.

This playthrough has a time limit. Based on the example above, you have to bet RM200 (which is 10x the RM20 bonus received) within the set time, say one week. If you failed in the first week, you are given a chance to try the following week again. You will be able to cash out your winnings from the bonus only if you succeed. 

There are also casinos that require time limits in stages. In this system, if you spend a playthrough within a short time, the playthrough rate will be low. But if you take a longer time to spend the playthrough, the playthrough rate will increase. 

For example, if you have an RM20 bonus and spend a playthrough in a week, the rate is 10x, which is RM200. If you take a longer time which is a month, the playthrough will increase to 25x in which you have to wager RM500, and if you take 3 months, the playthrough rate will increase again to 50x which is M1000 for you to qualify to withdraw the winnings.

Get Bonuses in Mobile

If you are a gambler, you must be familiar with playing your favourite casino games on your mobile phone. But the question is, can you also claim bonuses via mobile casinos?

The answer is, of course, you can, and the steps are the same as claiming bonuses on the casino website. Additionally, a mobile casino may offer additional bonuses to players who use the app version or the mobile version. In this case, you can enjoy the bonuses that are specially offered for the mobile version.

Mobile casino bonus

Claiming Casino Games Bonus

Just like the other various aspects of casinos, you must claim casino bonuses carefully and responsibly. You need to understand all the rules stated before making any claims. 

However, claimed bonuses are also a golden opportunity for you to increase the probability and your chance of winning, as well as practising various strategies to improve your gaming skills, especially for casino table games with playing cards.  

Hence, casino bonuses are an excellent addition to your gambling experience, as long as they are used correctly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a bonus that can be claimed without having to do any cash deposits.

Wagering requirements are conditions for you to withdraw winnings earned from a bonus.

Playthrough that is written in the form of numbers like 20x represents the number of times you need to bet a bonus until you are allowed to withdraw winnings from the bonus.

You can get more money for betting, and this will increase your chance of winning.

Yes, as long as the wagering requirements are met.

All gamblers who have registered with certain casinos are eligible to claim a bonus when making a deposit. 

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