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High Rollers and Casino VIP

In the world of online betting, as well as in real casinos, a group of gamblers who bet on a large amount of money is known as High Rollers. Literally, high rollers mean the highest.

When we call high bets, High Rollers are those who are able to bet for tens of thousands of dollars a day, and sometimes more. Therefore, the casino has always provided them with special services, in the form of VIP programs.

Most gamblers cannot afford to be a high roller, so let us all go through the world of high rollers together.

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What is a VIP program?

When you are a high roller, who makes a deposit of tens of thousands a month, you will be allowed or invited to join a special program at the casino, by the administrator himself.

The program is a loyalty scheme that will give you rewards and special services that are not usually given to other ordinary players. For VIP players, rewards such as special bonuses, special account managers, faster withdrawal processing, lower betting requirements, and so on.

For the highest high rollers players, they will also be invited to very exclusive activities such as luxury cruises, shows, luxury restaurant banquets, and more.

Usually, in any top online casino, the VIP program will be divided into several levels or statuses. It will fall in the range of four different statuses.

There are also casinos that will include players who make deposits and automatically bet on their lowest level VIP programs. However, low levels of rewards are not very different from the services provided to ordinary gamblers in any casino.

High Rollers and VIP

Advantages of being a High Roller and VIP

If you often make a massive bet, you deserve to be a VIP in a casino. Occasionally, the real money casino itself will invite these High Rollers players to participate in the VIP program.

The rewards and advantages offered by each casino are different from each other. However, these advantages usually consist of the following:

Bonus and Exclusive Promotion

VIP players will get promotions and bonuses that ordinary players cannot enjoy. These promotions and bonuses are usually more lucrative than bonuses provided to non -VIP players.

For example, you can enjoy more than 1% cash-back money from your defeat. Exclusive VIP bonuses can also take other forms, such as rescue bonuses, weekly bonuses, birthday bonuses, special gifts, and more.

Deposit and withdrawal limit

For VIP players, of course, your deposit limit is higher and you are allowed to make up to fifty times the ordinary player, or more. The same goes for withdrawal, that is, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

Processing faster

Usually, withdrawal for VIP gamblers will take a shorter time. This is because the casino recognizes you as a High Roller player and this makes them more trusting of you. This means you can get your victory in a more secure way.

Exclusive Account Manager

As a VIP gambler, you will be given special treatment 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This means that any problems you experience will be managed by this specific staff.

Invitations to special events

For VIP players, you may be invited to a special gambling event that will take place on a luxury ship, overseas location, and so on. This gambling event will take on a special lucky draw, competition, and more. In addition, there are also events without gambling, such as a show or dinner.

What is a special bonus for High Roller players?

Bonuses for VIPs take different shapes in different casinos. But as a High Roller player, you can usually feel safer as you are treated as an important player. Here are some examples of casino bonuses that you can expect as a VIP.

Free Spins Bonus Without VIP Deposit

With this bonus, you can get a number of free spins without having to make any deposit.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback for VIPs takes the form of a return of some of the money you have at stake and has been lost due to defeat. Cashback has a slightly different condition from one casino to another, but its basic rules are the same.

Cashback for gamblers with higher VIP levels will be larger, and it takes a percentage.

Cash bonus

This type of VIP bonus gives you free cash that can be used for a variety of games that the casino itself will set. Usually, this cash is a double percentage of the deposit you make and has a specific limit.

Upgrade Bonus

The VIP program in most casinos is a multi-level system, and the more you bet, the higher your level. To encourage more gamblers to raise their VIP levels, the upgrade bonus is offered. This bonus is given to gamblers who seek to qualify for the next VIP level.

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Games with a high betting limit

For gamblers who are already VIPs and bet as High Rollers, the betting limit of various games is certainly higher for them. Some of the games that can be enjoyed include table casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and more.

In addition, there are also slot games where you can make hundreds of times more bets compared to ordinary gamblers. The betting limit will be adapted to new ones, or abolished by the casino administration.

At the same time, any victory you earn from your high bet will be simplified by its withdrawal with less strict conditions than ordinary players. Among the games with higher betting limits, include:

  • Slot
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Casino live
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Keno 
  • And many more

Services to High Rollers are special

Online casinos have always appreciated high roller gamblers to provide a variety of rewards to encourage them to stay active there. This is not limited to various gifts and bonuses but includes special customer support staff.

With account management dedicated to you, you do not need to worry much about deposit management and withdrawals, as the casino will ensure the safety and smoothness of your business.

To become a VIP High Roller player, you must also look at your financial capabilities, as most casinos require you to bet up to five digits or six digits a month to meet the VIP requirements. However, the reward is very high when you can reach this VIP level.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the casino you join. There are casinos that require you to apply, some will enter you to the lowest level of VIP and there are casinos where participation is limited to those who are specially invited.

Yes, of course, there is a minimum of monthly expenses to qualify for each VIP level, and this minimum bet is higher for the VIP level.

Withdrawal processing is faster than ordinary gamblers and can be as soon as a few W with the help of special account managers.

There are several online sites that have a list of casinos with high roller games, including our Top Online Casino.

VIP gamblers have the opportunity to be given a variety of gifts, services and additional bonuses compared to ordinary players.

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