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Guide to the Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are a very popular type of bonus. This is also the case in the virtual gambling world. Most gamblers always choose online casinos that offer lucrative bonuses. These types of casino bonuses are the main thing that attracts players to a casino.

Bonuses are available in many forms. Among the most common forms found are the percentage of free money based on deposits and free spins. This spin is always offered as part of the bonus package and is sometimes offered on its own.

What are free spins? You can continue reading to learn more about the free gifts offered by most of these casinos.

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What is Free Spins?

Free spins are a gift specially provided for slot games. As we all know, slots are games where you have to pull a lever or press a button. The wheels in the game will rotate so you get a combination of symbols, numbers, or pictures. The more matching things appear in a row, the higher your winnings will be.

For online casinos, you need to place a bet before you start your slot round. However, it’s best if you can make a spin without having to bet real money first. That would be the most profiting use.

Free spins allow you to win prizes from slot machines for free. This is a reward for you from the casino. Generally, casinos offer this type of spins to attract more players to the slots section.

This kind of spin is not only an opportunity to win money for free, it also gives you the opportunity to try new slot games. Even if you don’t win anything from the given spin, you can still get another benefit, some of which is you get to know more about slot games. With this, you can find out which slot game best suits your game pattern.

Free spin bonus

Available Free Spins Types

Free spins are given in different forms. It can be given as a standalone reward or as part of other bonus packages. Different casinos offer different number and spin conditions of this type. Usually, this depends on the capacity of the casino. 

Some of the most common types include:

Free Spins When Signing Up

Spins like this are given when a gambler first registers on a casino site. It can be given without a deposit or requires a deposit to be used.  

Such spins provide an opportunity for new gamblers to try and understand the game at the casino. This is made in hope that they will find a preferred slot and will continue playing at the casino.

Free Spins without Deposit

This type of spin is given to both new and old visitors and becomes part of the No Deposit Bonus, which is one of the most popular among gamblers. Gamblers prefer spins like this because they can be used without making a deposit in advance.

However, free spins usually come with other conditions. For example, you have to risk a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any winnings as a result of such a spin.

Free Spins with Deposit

This type of spin requires you to make a deposit in advance. It is often offered along with other rewards as part of the Welcome Bonus. Sometimes you need to make a minimum deposit to claim this type of spin.

Free Spins Seasonal Promotions

Sometimes, when a casino wants to promote a special game, a new game or a brand of slot software. One way to promote the game is to offer this kind of spin for the game.  

This type of spin usually has an expiration date and can only be used within a certain period. It is also limited to its use to specific game titles or branded software.

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Free Spins in Game

These free spins are claimed before you start playing. However, this type of spin in the game can only be claimed once you start betting and playing in a specific slot. You must reach a certain amount of bets to get the spin, or there are other conditions that need to be fulfilled before you can use the spin. 

What Can You Win With This Bonus?

As mentioned earlier, such spins are very popular with gamblers. The casino will continue to offer free spins as long as it attracts new visitors. Therefore, as a gambler, you need to know what you can and cannot win from this spin.  

Such spins can be used for slot games. There are no bets needed. If you lose and fail to win anything with this spin, then there are no other steps you need to take.  

However, if you manage to win money or other rewards in this way, you can rarely continue to withdraw your winnings directly as cash. Winnings resulting from such spins are usually given in the form of bonus money first. 

This bonus money can be used in casinos as a bet for any game. It is the same as other bonus money, such as cashback and free deposit percentage.

Win with free spins

Is This Spin Really Free?

Money won from free spins is usually limited to use. This means that it can be used as betting money in casinos, but cannot be withdrawn as cash.

Through this bonus money you find, you can still win cash. Bonuses can be used when you play slots, table casino games, or any other game.

When you bet with bonus money, you must meet the wagering requirements before cash can be withdrawn. The betting conditions are the number of times you have to make a bet equal to the bonus you get, before being allowed to withdraw winning from the bonus. As a responsible gambler, you should know the conditions behind the bonus money you win.

In remote cases, there is a casino that allows you to withdraw winning money from free spins as cash. However, such incidents are very rare and almost non-occurring. On the other hand, the money you win can only be used in casinos.

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Such Spins Benefit You

Whether it’s bonus money or spin, you’re still a profiteer. All of this is an opportunity for you to double your winnings. You can strategies for any casino game so you have a brighter chance when you have extra money at stake.

Therefore, such spins should be fully utilized and included in your game strategy plan. This spin has a lot of potential to increase your chances of winning. It can also help you improve your gambling skills in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but not directly. Winnings from free spins are awarded in the form of bonus betting money, which can then be used to win cash.

You can refer to our reviews and our list of casinos to see which casinos offer the best free spins.

Not necessarily. There is a casino that offers free spins without deposit.

Yes, of course mobile casinos have free spins too.

Free spins are more than extra spins for slots. There are conditions for every free spin you get, whether there should be a deposit, or additional betting conditions.

Welcome Bonus 500% Claim Bonus
1 Welcome Bonus 500% Claim BonusEmpire777 Casino Review