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When you visit a casino gambling website for the first time, you might feel intimidated by the games available. It could be because casino games are new to you. Actually, all of the games are rather easy to understand. You just have to read and educate yourself to know the rules.

Games on the best casinos online can be lucrative if you know how to play with good strategies. Before that, you need to know about the overall casino games there are. The first step in becoming a skilled gambler is learning the basics.  

The basic knowledge can help you learn about the more complicated online games later. 

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What Are Casino Games?

Actually, online casino games nowadays are mostly similar to the games available in the real-world. The most noticeable difference is that this version of the game requires you to interact with computer software rather than real people or machines. 

Casino games comprise of various types, but the most commonly found on online casinos are slot, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, dan many more. Table games can be played in the form of a video game or live with real dealers. 

On gambling websites, all games are usually categorized into several groups. Slots are the biggest category, followed by table games, live games, and other smaller games. Among these games, all of them are video games with computer software except for live casino games.

Casino Games

Types of Casino Games

Every online casino website has different game options. However, all casinos will offer basic games. Generally, there are three types of casino games that we usually see. These types of games include:

Machine or Computer Games

This type of casino game involves automatic game machines that are not handled by humans. On online casinos websites, they are video games like slots. These machine and video games involve the generation of random results in the software to get a different result each time. 

Table Games

As the name implies, table games are played on a table. At real casinos, every table has a different game, including Poker, Baccarat, and others. These games require a real dealer to ensure the game is handled fairly and justly.  

In the world of online casinos, table games are prepared in two forms, which are in video or live. Both types have their own charm that you should try out. 

Games with Tickets

This type of casino game relies on the tickets sold. This type of gambling requires you to buy a card with a hidden series of numbers or number series that are revealed later. Some examples of ticket gambling games are Keno, Lotto, Scratch Cards, and so on. 

Although not all websites have this type of game, it is still an interesting choice in many online casinos. 

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Get To Know The Most Popular Casino Games 

Gamblers in Malaysia have different game choices. This is because they have different preferences. The type of game that you enjoy is also up to your own choice.  These are the most popular casino games among gamblers in Malaysia:


Slot games on casino websites are games where you need to get the correct picture or symbol combination to win money. In the real-world, slot machines are played by pulling down the lever to spin the wheel in the machine. However, in the virtual world, slot games look like regular video games. It is played by pressing buttons to get specific combinations to win. Slot games on casino websites are exciting as they are characterized by various themes with fun characters or graphics. 



Roulette is a table game that involves a spinning wheel marked with numbers. A small ball is thrown into the spinning wheel, and you have to bet on the number that you think the ball will land on. 


Poker is a card game that is played with computer software. It is slightly different from the regular poker game played in the real-world. As we all know, poker is a game where you have to show a 5-card combination in specific patterns to win against other players.


Similar to Poker, Blackjack also involves a deck of playing cards. In this game, the gambler has to get a value of cards that is more than the dealer’s card value without exceeding the amount of 21. You can ask for more cards or reject the cards taken from the deck to reach the value closest to 21.


Baccarat is a suitable game for new gamblers. In this game, the banker (who is also the card dealer) will distribute two cards to each player and the player with the total value of cards closest to 9 wins. The banker will also accept cards and be one of the players. You can bet the wins on yourself, other players, or the banker. 

Live Casino

On almost every trusted online casino website, there is a section dedicated to live casinos. This site is live-streamed by offering various casino table games such as Poker and Roulette. 


There are also casino websites that offer lottery purchases. A lottery is the most popular gambling ticket in Malaysia, and you can buy numbers online, with the results being listed every week. Some of the lottery number suppliers include Magnum 4D and Sports Toto. 

Learn About The Game Software Used

All casino games are supplied by certain software supplier brands. In the world of online gambling, there are several well-known and trusted brands; brand names like NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, and many more. These companies are notable for their authentic and high-quality software. 

The brand of software supplier is a critical aspect of every casino game as it determines whether you can win fairly or not. All the famous gambling websites always go for gaming software brands that are well-known and have been operating for a long time. 

Software developed by these companies is always changing for the better, with new themes, advanced 3D graphics, modern design, and a high-tech atmosphere. Furthermore, casino game software is specially designed to run smoothly no matter where you are, as long as you have a stable and fast Internet connection. 

When choosing a casino website, you should also look at the type of software brands. Many gamblers have their own favorite game software provider as they have already adjusted to the pattern of the game software. 

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House Edge

House edge in casino games refers to the situation where you might not win every time you bet on a game. It is an advantage that the casino has over you in the long run. This is to ensure that the casino can profit from gambling, especially if you are playing for a while. 

All casino games are controlled by software that has a random number generator. Therefore, this random number generator is designed to ensure that some amount of money that you bet on each round will return to the casino. Usually, this amount is a percentage between 0.5% to 40%. 

This is not the casino being malicious, but rather a fair system ensuring that the casino gains enough profit to keep operating—things like staff’s salary payment, rent payment, slot machine maintenance and so on. 

A different casino game has a different house edge percentage. Some games have a really low house edge, like Blackjack and Video Poker (around 0.5%), while some games have a higher house edge, like Keno (20% – 40%). 

As a gambler, you cannot escape from this House Edge phenomenon. However, it is important to know how to reduce your losses to the minimum. Every game has different strategies, but in general, you should find games with higher rates of RTP. RTP is the payout rate for a game, and the higher the rate, the lesser losses you will have. 

Free Casino Games vs Real Money Casino Games

All casinos offer a version of a game where you can play for free. The free version can be played without registering on most online casino websites. The free version is essential for new gamblers because it allows them to practice before gambling with real money.

When you are playing the free version, you are also training yourself to be better at making decisions. You will get a closer look at how to play, in a simulation that is similar to the real situation. 

Meanwhile, to play real money casino games, you will get to bet real cash. For this purpose, you will have to register on the website. This process requires you to choose the appropriate channel of payment and make the first deposit. The minimum amount is different for different casino websites. Nonetheless, all gambling websites require you to make a deposit first before you can start playing real money games.

An advantage of real money casino games is that you have the chance to win real money as well, and you will be able to withdraw it once it reaches a minimum amount set by the casino. 

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Downloaded Casino Games and Instant Casino Games

Most of the latest gambling websites require a Flash plugin to play as they offer many games that can be played right away. One benefit of instant games like this that do not need to be downloaded is that you can play a lot of games within a short time. This is because you do not need a long time to download this type of instant games. 

However, instant games require a fast and stable Internet connection. If you do not have enough Internet speed, you might not be able to play these instant casino games that run on Flash. 

At the same time, some casinos offer games that can be downloaded. An advantage of this type of game is that you can take your time and play during your free time. The best part, you can play without an Internet connection because the entire game software has already been downloaded to your computer or mobile phone. Downloaded games like this are available for free games or trial games, so you can practice without betting real money. Practice sessions are vital for you to get used to and get to know a game software in-depth and organize strategies.

Mobile Casino Games

Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games

Online casino games are obviously different from real-world casino games. The main reason is that these online games are more like video games. These are some of the advantages if you choose to gamble online: 

No need to travel

In Malaysia, there is only one casino that is licensed by the government, which is in the Genting Highlands. This place might be far from where you are and could also be dangerous for a lot of people as it is located on a mountain with winding roads. With online casinos, you get to play from the comfort of your home. 

Lots of bonuses and promotions

Online casinos offer many promotions and bonuses that can help you with free gambling opportunities. Bonuses can also benefit you if you are a new player who wants to try out your luck during the trial period. A welcome bonus is usually available on every casino website for you to try your luck and get adapted to the game techniques. 

Safer for you

Gambling in Malaysia is strictly monitored, and any unregistered gambling centres can be raided by the authority. However, online gambling is not covered by any local regulations, and you are freer to play without having to worry.  

More games to choose from

At real casinos, the choices are limited because it is confined within a building. But online, you can find casinos with thousands of games. This improves your experience as you can try out various kinds of games with different themes and designs. 

Many options of payment channel

In online casinos, there are plenty of methods of payment that you can choose from. These methods can be selected to your liking. Sometimes, there are online casinos that offer more than 100 payment channels. This will definitely be convenient for you.

A chance to play for free

Almost all casino games, except for live, have trial versions where you can experience yourself how the game goes. This trial version can be played for free without having to make any bets with real money. In the real world, there are no chances to try out any casino games for free before playing at real money casinos. 

How To Choose The Best Game

As there are countless of good websites with exciting games, you need to know how to pick the best game for you. This game has to have certain features to make sure that you get the best playing experience:

1. High rate of RTP

An RTP rate of a game is a percentage or an amount of betting money that you will win back from a game in the long run. Find the game with the highest RTP. Usually, the RTP value is more than 90%, so the value that you are looking for has to be the closest to 100%. A high RTP in a game will increase your odds of winning, especially when you are playing. To know the RTP of a game, you can look for it online using a search engine.

2. Simple game rules

If you are a new gambler, make sure you pick the casino game that you fully understand. This will make it easier for you to strategize and for you to not feel too stressed out while playing. 

3. Match it to your skills

Some gamblers are more skilled at playing table games that use playing cards. It is because they can count better and look at the reactions of players around them. Some gamblers are more skilled at slot games. So, you simply have to choose the game that best suits your skills.

4. Take a look at other players’ reviews

When you are not sure about which casino games that you can trust on, you will want a point of reference. Nowadays, you can refer to reviews available on online websites. With these reviews, you will get a clearer idea about a game.

5. Choose a fun game

Gambling is not a chore and should only be played for fun. Therefore, you should pick a casino game that really piques your interest so that you will not feel stressed while playing. 

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Useful Tips When Playing Casino Games

Once you have started playing at any online casinos, some things can help you gain a better and more comprehensive experience. 

Understand probabilities

Probability is a value that determines your ability to win in a casino game. Every gambling game has different probabilities of winning. Therefore, you have to learn carefully and use this information to benefit yourself.

Pick a licensed casino

Choosing a casino is extremely important as it can determine the safety of your personal information. Therefore, you should choose a casino that has a valid license. Not only your information will be protected, but you will also get to make payments in a secured manner. 

Make full use of the bonuses

Bonuses and promotions that are offered on every casino website can help you to double your winnings. So, every bonus and promotion offered to you should be claimed and used with the best skills and strategies. 

Plan your bets

Good self-discipline and financial planning are crucial in online gambling. If you lose control and gamble more than you can handle, you will face the consequences. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are only betting with your extra money.

Online Casino Games

Enjoy Casino Games At Full

There are various online casino games. You should take your time to try out different games to see which fits you best. 

You can make wise choices each time to make sure that your gaming experience is smooth and runs with no problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, almost all gambling websites offer free casino game software

Yes, online casino sites can be played on your mobile phone.

It is a percentage value of your bet that will return to the casino in the long run.

Blackjack and Video Poker are some of the games that have the lowest house edge. 

In Malaysia, most gamblers enjoy slot games.

Baccarat has rules that are the easiest to understand

Choose a casino with a valid license

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