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Real Money Casinos For Malaysian Gamblers

Online real money casinos can be unnerving to beginners. Because of that, many new gamblers choose to play for free at the beginning. This step is usually done to familiarize yourself with a game, like slots and poker.  

Free casino games have many advantages. But you cannot keep playing free casino games forever. There will be a time for you to try real money casino games at the best international casinos.

A real money casino is definitely more exciting as you can bet your own money and win with that money.

Real money casino

Why Choose to Play with Real Money Casino?

If you want real online casino experience, you should choose to play with real money. This way, your game will be more exciting, and you will feel more satisfied when you win any bet that you make. 

Real money casino is also a motivation for you to learn to improve your skills to make smarter decisions while playing and betting. Consequently, you will be encouraged to enhance your knowledge, as well as increase your experience. 

Best Real Money Casino in Malaysia 2024

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Real Money Casino Status in Malaysia

Real money casinos in Malaysia are under the Malaysian gambling law, except for the casino in Genting Highlands. Therefore, most gamblers will choose to gamble online. Real casinos and virtual casinos based in Malaysia are considered illegal, but the law does not cover real money casinos that are based abroad. There are a lot of online casinos that welcome players from Malaysia, so you can try to play at those casinos.

The Best Benefits of Playing Online Real Money Casinos

Playing at online real money casinos has vast differences compared to playing free casinos. Of course, real money casinos are more thrilling because they are played using your money, and you will be able to win more real cash or lose and lose it all. Aside from that, these are the advantages you can get by playing real money casino games:

The Ability to Choose Games Based on Skills

At any online casino, there will be hundreds of games that you can choose from. This means that you can use strategies that you have learned from playing free games. Your most effective strategy can be tested on a variety of games until you find the right game that suits your preference and skills.

You Can Win Real Money

When you gamble with real money, you can also win real cash. With just one round, you can win more than you gambled. Of course, you would want to start by playing games with small bets and low wins. 

However, after a while, you should try with bigger bets for more lucrative wins. Remember that victory can happen at any time so you should not give up and have to keep trying. Victory can be yours one day. 

Can be Played Anywhere 

Most online casinos today have a mobile version. Therefore, you can gamble from anywhere you are. There is no need for you to drive or travel to make your bet, as you can play in mobile casinos like you are playing video games.

This also means that you can win money from anywhere as long as you keep your personal account information. Just imagine, you can win real cash only by using your mobile phone.

Guide to Choosing Real Money Casino

There are several important things to keep in mind when choosing the right real money casino for you. These things will help to protect you and ensure that you get the best and the most authentic gambling experience. These are the things you need to look for: 

High Level of Security

This aspect is obviously essential, especially when you want to make sure that your personal information is protected. When you are playing casino games with real money, you are required to make a deposit and use your banking information.

Casino sites of your choice should provide a high level of security so that all information related to your banking process is protected from misuse by intruders. Typically, trusted websites offer encryptions to your personal information. You should always choose a safe and secure online casino that provides this type of encryption.

Licensed Casino

Many governments around the world issue operating licenses to online casinos. These include the government of Curacao, PAGCOR from the Philippines, Malta, Gibraltar, and Costa Rica. Licensed casinos are often more reliable as they are subject to a bill that prevents any unwanted things from happening. 

Plenty of Payment Channels

As you are required to make a deposit to play at a real money casino, you need to choose websites with the right payment channel for you. That website has to provide the most accessible medium of payment for you. 

It would be better if the gambling website has several payment channels that you can use. This will ease the money transfer in the future, whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal of the cash won. 

Lots of Bonuses and Promotions

If you wish to increase your chances of winning, you are welcome to use the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino website of your choice. The more bonuses and promotions there are, the more chances you get of winning real money.

Each bonus and promotion will certainly provide you with extra betting money or rounds. If you want to play with real money, the number of bonuses that you receive will affect your odds of winning, so you should really consider this.

20BET Casino logo Welcome Bonus 100% Up To RM588 + 120 FS Claim Bonus
1 20BET Casino logo Welcome Bonus 100% Up To RM588 + 120 FS Claim Bonus20Bet Casino Review

Casinos with a Large Selection of Games

Casino websites with a lobby full of real money games are entertaining and exciting. Not only you get to choose games that you enjoy, but you can also compare the games to pick the game that best fits your skills and abilities.

A good casino website will have at least hundreds of slot games, as well as casino table games like Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and many more. Other than that, live casino channels are also important because this type of casino allows you to win real cash in the most realistic setting. 

Sufficient Support for Players

When you play real money casino with a real deposit, you need answers to any questions and concerns that you may have. These answers should be provided quickly and accurately so that no complications or issues arise regarding transferring and withdrawal of money.

The best situation would be a casino website offering several support channels, including a 24-hour chat box, contact number, email address, and so on. The availability of multiple support systems is essential because if you did not get a response from one channel, there are still other channels that can be used. 

If you would like to know which casinos you can trust, you have to read our best casinos reviews. You can look at how we write those reviews with full honesty and transparency by reading our casino reviews on this website. Our casino reviews can definitely help you stay safer when playing. 

Blacklisted Casinos

As a site that provides honest reviews for online casinos, it is also our responsibility to bring reports on casinos that are blacklisted. Online casinos are getting blacklisted for a number of reasons, most notably their failure to provide a safe experience for players.
Among the things that make a casino gets a bad reputation from our assessment are the number of suspicious financial transactions, non-existent or inefficient customer support, unreasonable bonus conditions, dishonest gaming, and other fraudulent acts.

Signs of a Fake Casino

The status of a casino is extremely crucial when you start gambling with real money. If you pick the wrong website, you could possibly lose the money that you have worked hard to get. Therefore, you should avoid casinos that have the following signs:

No valid license

As mentioned earlier, a casino website needs to have a license. You can make sure the license is valid if it has a serial number and you can verify the serial number of that license with its licensing organization.

Websites that Have Scandals

Fraudulent casino websites often cannot operate for long. After a while, news of their scams will appear online, especially on review websites and forums. These cases include a ban on withdrawing money, changing the conditions of bonuses at the last minute, reducing winning money, and so on. Therefore, you should read reviews and follow online forums to know about such issues.

No Specific Information About the Casino

Casinos that do not list their specific information on casino websites should be a red flag for visitors. Commonly, authentic casinos will list out information like their address, contact number, email address as well as location. If you happen to find a website that does not have this information or one that lists out information that changes too often, let it be a warning to not deposit your money to that casino.

Suspicious Terms and Conditions

You need to always check and read all terms and conditions that are displayed in its section on every casino website to ensure that you will not be scammed. If a casino website does not have a terms and conditions section, or if it has suspicious terms that make you feel uncomfortable, that is a sign for you to leave the website. 

No Fair Gaming Certificate

For authentic casinos, they will get or try to get a certificate of authenticity for their games. Several companies that offer this certificate include eCogra and iGaming Labs.

This certificate will be issued once the games at the casino website have been tested for fairness and impartiality. These games should have regular RTP and are not too low. It will also meet some of the standards set by the licensing organization. Therefore, all reputable casinos have a legitimate fair gaming certification by the previously stated organization. 

Fake Casino

How to Identify an Authentic Real Money Casinos?

As of now, you should already know the signs on casinos that you should not pick. But which casino should you choose? Usually, there are several signs that a casino is considered to be safer. A safer casino is crucial to prevent yourself from losing your money and wins. These are the things that you should look out for:

Long-Lived Casinos

The older an online casino is, the higher should your trust level be towards the casino. It is because casinos that operate right and true will attract a lot of players and will not run into much trouble or scandals. 

Therefore, choose a casino that has been operating for a long time. This does not mean that you do not try out newer casinos, but older casinos are certainly guaranteed to be safer. 

Casino With Famous Payment Options

The casino that you choose needs to provide deposit and withdrawal channels that have a good reputation. Some of the most reliable channels include PayPal. PayPal has a good reputation for having strict regulations against websites that are less transparent and those that commit fraud. So, if you see that PayPal is one of the payment channels, then it is highly likely that the casino website can be trusted. 

Other valid payment methods include:

  • Credit Card
    Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex are cards that you often find and they indicate that the website uses the right channel.
  • E-Wallet
    Some of the well-reputable e-wallets include Neteller and Skrill. All trusted casinos will have at least these two channels.
  • Bank Transfer
    Sometimes, it is also known as Wire Transfer. Basically, this payment method transfers money from your bank using the Swift code. The transaction occurs directly between the bank and your account; therefore, it is a secure transaction and is guaranteed by the bank.
  • CryptoCurrency
    Cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and many more are increasingly accepted in authentic casinos. Therefore, you are free to pay with cryptocurrency if you have the currency.

Casinos with Many Reviews

If a casino has reviews made by real users online, this increases the reliability of the casino. Observe what each comment says and make sure that all of the comments are written by different people and not ‘cut & paste’ reviews. Casinos that have been reviewed can be trusted most of the time, and they have been around online players for a long time, and still works too. 

Casinos with Popular Software Providers

Usually, well-reputable casinos will also have games provided by well-known software providers. Some of the famous software providers include Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, and many more. 

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The Most Popular Real Money Casino Games

There are countless real money casino games that you can enjoy on gambling websites from around the world. All of the games have their own strategies to win while betting. These are the games that you can bet on and play to win real money:

Video Slots

On online gambling websites, slot games come in the form of video games with a line of characters and symbols. Each round that you play involves the sequence of symbols ‘spinning’, and if you get a series of matching symbols in a row, you are considered as the winner. 

Video Slot


A Blackjack card game involves a dealer that will play against you. The purpose of this game is to beat the dealer by getting two cards, of which the amount is the closest to 21. 


A casino table game which is Roulette involves a wheel with alternating spaces that display numbers in random order. A small ball will be thrown into the wheel, and the wheel will be spun. Gamblers will have to bet on the numbers that the ball will land on to win. 

Poker Video

Video Poker is a poker game that is played with a computer and not with a real dealer. Video Poker comes in multiple versions including Texas Hold Em’, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple Draw, and so on. Each of these poker games has rules that are different from each other. 


The rules of Baccarat are straightforward and suitable for beginner gamblers. You will be given two cards while the dealer takes two cards. Anyone that gets the number of cards that is the closest to 9 wins. You can also draw a tie with the dealer. So, there are only three possible results: win, lose, and draw. 

Live Casino

Live casino is the only gambling game that does not have a free version, there is only the real money version. Live casino is a game that runs live in the real world and is broadcasted live online. It involves casino table games such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and many more.

The Best Real Money Casinos

To start your betting with real money, you need to know about the best casinos for the purpose. We have already listed out the best casinos for you here, complete with reviews for each casino.

We take into account aspects such as payment method, security, game choices, and others so that you do not have to worry and can play with ease. 

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Who are High Roller Players and Casino VIPs?

In any real money casino, gamblers who bet large sums of money are called High Rollers. The amount they bet can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of Ringgit. Therefore, most real money casinos will give them special treatment.
This special treatment usually can be in the form of a VIP program. Once they become a VIP member, gamblers are given various advantages. Among them are special personal account managers, VIP bonuses, cashback bonuses, free spins, and more.
The VIP program is divided into certain levels and each level is given a name associated with luxury. The more players bet the higher will be their position on a VIP ladder, They will enjoy better and greater advantages, thanks to their status.

How to Start Playing at Real Money Casino

If you are confident that you are ready to play real money casino games and want to ‘graduate’ from playing free games, the process is actually really simple. 

Every casino website will certainly have a registration link labeled ‘Register Here’ or something similar. You need to click the link and fill in all the personal details required.  

Then, you will be asked to submit evidence of your identity and banking details. Once the verification is made, you can make your first deposit and start betting after the deposit has been approved. 

Playing at Real Money Casino

Careful and Responsible Gambling

In the world of gambling, there is a concept called ‘Responsible Gambling’, and it consists of several steps taken by the casino website, the authority and the gamblers themselves to make sure that the gambling process runs with transparency, honesty and fairness. 

Some examples of ethical measures taken by the authority and the casino to ensure prudent gambling is prohibiting the use of embezzled money, granting of licenses, protecting gamblers’ information and more. 

As for the gambler, they are encouraged to practice self-discipline and only gamble recreationally rather than as a means of generating income.   

Try Your Luck at Real Money Casinos

Real money casino is a step that should be taken by all gamblers that wish to win real money. Therefore, you need to use the right strategies to double your chances of winning. 

The casino world today is safe to gamble, but you have to take wise steps and choose a legitimate casino, as well as practice disciplined gambling to protect your chances and wins. With that being said, you will undoubtedly enjoy your gambling experience at the best and the most fun real money casino. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Many gamblers choose slots, followed by casino table games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and so on.

Casino bonus and promotions are extra betting money and rounds that help you double your chances of winning.

You need to choose a casino that has a license, security policy, and fair gaming honesty certificate to ensure that they are an authentic casino.

You need to choose a game with a high RTP or payout rate. 

Many casinos accept RM, but those that do not will still accept your currency and convert it online. 

Yes, your chances of winning will increase if you use the right strategies. 

Every casino website will provide a variety of payment and withdrawal channels, so you simply have to choose one of them.

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