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Sic Bo – Game Guide

Sic Bo is a game that involves throwing three dices, a table with sets of numbers, and dice combinations. Gamblers can bet on the results of the dice throw and the combination of the three-dice throw. All bet-able results are displayed on the betting table.

The basic rules of Sic Bo are not complicated and can be understood by any new player. In online casinos, Sic Bo may not be as popular of a game as Poker, Roulette, or Baccarat. However, it still offers many good winning opportunities.

In this article, you will learn the basics of how to play Sic Bo and the strategies that will help you at the casino desk later, whether in real casinos or in online casinos.

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The Origins of the Game from China

Nobody knows exactly when Sic Bo started. What is clear is that long ago in China, dice tossing became a favorite activity among martial arts practitioners. In those martial arts schools, gambling has become very common as recreational leisure activities.

At that time, the modern dice cube had not been created yet so they used stones, animal bones, snail skins, etc. carved with numbers. In the centuries that followed, this numbered toss game began to expand into manor and entertainment houses.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the game Sic Bo was introduced by Chinese immigrants who came to the United States. It was first played in drinking and entertainment outlets at that time. Part of the entertainment house is run by migrants from China itself.

Sic Bo is known by various other names, such as Hi-Lo, Tai-Sai, and Dai-Siu. All of these names mean big-small in various Chinese dialects.  The modern Sic Bo played today is a version popularized in Las Vegas.

Sic Bo Games

Sic Bo Basic Rules

Sic Bo is one of the easiest to learn games by new gamblers. This is because the rules are very simple and straightforward. The game is designed as a game that can be understood by all and can be played by anyone in a short time.

In real casinos, Sic Bo tables are among the most fun and lively tables. However, gamblers usually don’t spend much time there because one round of the game is very short, it can finish in just a few minutes. 

In this game, the basic components include:

  • A croupier
  • Table with betting boxes
  • Three pieces of dice
  • A container to shake the dice could be in small cages, cups, or small boxes.

Sic Bo is a popular game among new gamblers. In real casinos, this is among the casino games that they will play.

In online casinos, it is also a game that new gamblers can try. This is because the game does not involve complicated strategies and depends mostly on fate.

The rules of the game that you may need to memorize only one, that is, the meaning of all the results that appear on the Sic Bo Table.

You need to understand all the symbols and numbers as you have to make a choice about which dice results you need to bet on. 

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How Does the Game Process Work?

The Sic Bo table is usually operated by a Croupier. When the round begins, Croupier will call all gamblers who are interested in placing bets in the form of chips in the boxes displaying dice throw results.

After that, the three dice will be put in a small container and shaken by the Croupier. This container can take different shapes. Some casinos shake the dice in a small container made of iron. Other than that, they also use boxes or cups.

The container used to shake the dice so that all gamblers can see the movements of the container and will feel more confident that the game is transparent and honest.

The shaker will then be displayed so that all gamblers can see the results of the dice. After that, the croupier will distribute the winnings to those who successfully bet on the correct results.

With this, a full round will end and everyone will be ready for the next round. This game is very unique compared to other dice gambling games because here the dice are not thrown. Instead, it is shaken in a small container. 

There is also a modern Sic Bo shake-up container that digitally displays the results. It uses a random number generator to provide a combination of three dice values. However, this digital Sic Bo shaker has not become popular as gamblers prefer to see the actual dice rolled in the container. It adds to the fun of the game. 

Types of Bets That Can Be Made In Sic Bo

At the Sic Bo table, you will notice many squares with numbers, dice symbols, and specific words. All this represents the type of bet you can make.  

At the beginning of the round, you will be asked to place your bet in the box of your choice to signify that you are betting on the dice shake results.  

You are allowed to bet as much as you want, and place bets on as many squares as you want. Betting is usually done in the form of chips. 

Here are the plots in Sic Bo and their meaning:

Big and Small Bets

Here’s the main bet in Sic Bo and the bet that gives the game its name. Large means the number of the three dice falls between 11 and 17, while Small means the number of dice falls between 4 and 10. 

You can win one of the two for this bet, and the host advantage for both bets is the smallest compared to other bets, hence the probability of your winnings is very high.

You may notice that there is no number 3 or 18. This is because if the three dice have the number 1-1-1 or 6-6-6 it is named ‘triple sum’ and you are considered as lost.

Dice Count Betting

In the middle of the Sic Bo table, you will see a series of single numbers from 4 to 17. You are free to bet on any of these numbers as the sum of the three dice. The exit rates for dice differ from one another. 

The probability of winning for any amount of three dice is the lowest of all bet types that can be made. However, it has the highest exit payout.

Single, Double and Triple Dice Value Betting

At the Sic Bo table too, you can bet for the presence of one dice value of your choice, from 1 to 6. That is, if you bet on the presence of the value of 4 dice, that means at least one of the three shaken dice should be worth 4 for you to win your bet.

If one dice indicates the value you bet on, you will be paid one to one ratio. If the two dice have said value, you are paid two to one and if the three dice have said value, you are paid three to one.

Two Dice Combination Betting

This type of betting allows you to bet on an event where two dice with different values appear in the performed shake. For example, you can bet that there are dice with a value of 1-3, 2-3, 4-6, 5-6, etc.

The probability of winning is among the lowest, but the payout out if winning is 5 to 1, which can be considered very high.

Sic Bo Betting Types

Key Terms In Sic Bo

When you start playing Sic Bo, you need to know the important glossary in the game so that the gameplay process runs smoother and your gaming experience improves as well. Here are some of the terms you need to know:

Any Double – Betting on two dice has any same value

Any One Number – Bet on the appearance of any specific number in the shake of the dice.

Big – Bet on the number of the three dice between 11 -17

Small – Bet on the number of the three dice between 4-10

Cage – Cages that are sometimes used to shake dice

Cup – In some casinos, the shaking of the dice is done in a cup or crate.

Dealer – Also known as Croupier and is a responsible person collecting bets, shaking the dice, and distributing winnings.

Even – Betting on the sum of all three dice is an even number. There are casinos that offer these bets and exit fees are one to one.

Spin – The term used for the dice shake process

Yee Hah Hi – A kind of Sic Bo game in a Macau casino where symbols are used instead of numbers

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Play Sic Bo in an Online Casino

If you play Sic Bo in the form of online video games, the experience is certainly different from the actual gaming experience. 

Description of Sic Bo Online

Online, you have two options to play Sic Bo the first is a live casino where you can see the game table live and play live just like a real casino. Secondly, you can play digital video versions operated by computer software. In the Video Sic Bo, the result of the dice shake is decided using a random number generator (RNG). This RNG selects a combination of numbers randomly and reflects the results of the real-world dice.

How to Choose the Best Online Sic Bo Casino

There are a few things you must pay attention to when choosing a casino that provides this game. This is to ensure that your game is protected against any unwanted incidents. 

  • Has a certificate of game honesty ( from bodies such as BMM and iTechlabs)
  • Has a casino license 
  • Have a support staff that can help you 
  • Various claimable bonuses 
  • Trusted payment and withdrawal channels
  • Reasonable winnings withdrawal conditions.

Useful Winning Strategies

Sic Bo is actually a game that has a fairly simple winning strategy. This is because the game of Sic Bo actually depends on the fate of the three dice. However, there are a few things you can do:

Bet on Small and Large

Always bet on Small or Large, because this bet has the highest probability of winning. This is because each small and large bet accounts for almost half the number of dice results.

Bet on the Combination of Two Dice

Place a two-dice combination bet. This is because the advantages of the host are low and the exit fee is high which is 5 to one. The probability of a two-dice combine as victory is also quite high.

Don’t Make Three Dice Bets

Avoid making three dice bets. The probability of winning for the same three dice values is very low at 0.55% only and the risk is very high.

Sic Bo Game Suitable For All Gamblers

This Sic Bo game is suitable for new gamblers who want to adapt to the gambling experience, whether online or in the real world. This is because the game has no complicated rules and is easy to understand. 

Besides that, it is also suitable for experienced gamblers who want to relax their minds and want to play entertaining gambling games. These are some of the great features that Sic Bo has to offer.

In online casinos, Sic Bo is also one of the games that have a bright chance of winning, as long as you use the recommended basic strategy. No matter what happens, you should bear in mind that this game, like Craps, is a game of fate. Therefore, you can win at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The game Sic Bo involves shaking three dice in a container, which usually takes the form of a cage, cup or special box.

Sic Bo is a gambling game where you bet on a variety of three-dice shaking results.

The highest payout bet is a specific number of dice bets.

Sic Bo bets with the highest winning probability are Small and Large bets.

Sic Bo is also called Dai Siu, Tai Sai, and Hi-Lo.

The most effective strategy is to make big or small bets each time.

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