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Welcome Bonus: Complete Guide

The Welcome bonus stands out among all the other online casino bonuses. This Welcome Bonus is the first bonus that gamblers will get when starting an online gambling experience. This bonus is available in various forms and is offered by almost all of the best online casinos. Although the bonus amount varies from one casino to another, the basic concept is the same.

The main purpose of the casino offering this Welcome Bonus is to attract players to certain casinos. However, bigger bonuses are not necessarily the best. When you choose a new casino, you should first see the Welcome Bonus terms and conditions. In this article, we will look at all the important information about this bonus and answer your frequently asked questions about it.

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What is a Welcome Bonus?

The Welcome Bonus is also known as an introductory bonus, first deposit bonus, registration bonus, and more. Basically, it is the first bonus offered to new players in online casinos. Each casino will offer its own bonus.

This bonus is usually very lucrative because the main purpose is to attract new players to the casino. This bonus is offered in different forms. The most common form we see is the percentage of the deposit as well as a free round on the house.  Casinos can either offer only bonus percentages of deposits or give free spins once.

The percentage of this bonus is usually greater than other bonuses offered at the casino. Online casinos will compete with one another by offering the most exciting Welcome Bonuses. The bigger the bonus value, the more gamblers will flock to it.

However, the high Welcome Bonus also means there are larger requirements. The betting requirement is the number of times you have to bet with the bonus value before being able to withdraw any money won from the bonus.

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Why is the Welcome Bonus Important?

This Welcome Bonus is important because it can help new gamblers. Once signed up, the claimed bonus acts as additional bet money that can be used to try any game. With this extra money, new players have more opportunities to find their preferred game and are more likely to return to the casino.

In addition, this lucrative Welcome Bonus allows inexperienced gamblers to practice and improve their techniques. Therefore, new gamblers usually look for casinos with relatively high bonuses so that they can help themselves.

This bonus also offers a higher chance for gamblers to win in any game. Usually, this bonus can be used in any type of casino game, so gamblers can use it as part of their strategy to increase the probability of winning, especially for skilled and experienced gamblers.

Empire777 Welcome Bonus

Types of Welcome Bonuses Available

These bonuses can exist in several types. This variation exists because each casino has its own strategy for attracting new players. If you visit any online casino, here are some of the types of Welcome Bonuses you will find:

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

This bonus can be claimed without making any payment. It is very rare but has become a dream of many gamblers. This no deposit bonus is not one hundred percent free, as it will be subject to terms and conditions. Usually, the condition imposed is that the gambler must bet a certain amount of money before he can withdraw the winnings as a result of the no deposit bonus.

Deposit Matching Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus is the most common. It is given in the form of a percentage of your deposit. So the more you deposit, the more bonuses you get. However, this type of bonus often has a maximum limit, for example, a 100% deposit bonus up to RM1000. This means that if you bet more than RM1000, for example, RM1200, you will only get a bonus of up to RM1000.

Cashback Welcome Bonus

Although rare, there are casinos that offer bonuses in the form of cashback. For this type of bonus, a portion of the money you lose will be returned to you as part of the welcome package. This cashback bonus allows you to have a second chance to bet on a game.

Mobile Bonus

For casinos that have a mobile version or app, they may offer special bonuses for their mobile apps. This is offered to encourage players to try out their app as well as promote casino games on mobile phones.

Welcome Bonus for Selected Games

Some casinos offer Welcome Bonuses that can only be used for certain games. For example, a Welcome Bonus for live games only. This type of bonus has more limited usage and may be offered for a limited period of time to promote new games at a casino. 

Free Spins

Free spins are bonuses that are often given along with deposit matching bonuses. These free spins can be used to play slots but winnings from these free spins are subject to their betting requirements.

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How to Choose the Best Welcome Deposit

Not all Welcome Bonuses are the same. Most of the time, they will come with different conditions. Therefore, you need to look beyond the value of the percentage and the limit of the bonus. Among the things you need to see are:

Compare deposit percentages and maximum limits

When choosing a deposit, this is the most obvious thing. To make the comparison easy, you can see a table with a list of Welcome Bonuses on the casino review site. 

However, a high deposit percentage bonus does not mean that it is the best bonus. You need to choose a bonus that is balanced in terms of percentage level and its reasonable conditions.

View betting requirements 

Betting requirements also called play-through and wagering requirements. Basically, this is a condition that requires you to bet multiple times the bonus amount you will receive before being able to withdraw winnings from the bonus.

In some casinos, wagering requirements have a time limit. For example, you need to bet 20 times your deposit in 2 months. So, you should see if you can meet the required play-through requirements before choosing any Welcome Bonus.

Read Welcome Bonus Reviews

Before you proceed to choose a casino and claim the Welcome Bonus there, you should do your own research. Start by reading reviews of other players and reviews written on review sites like Top Online Casino. 

You can get a little bit of an idea of which Welcome Bonuses are the most lucrative and which ones are actually inconvenient. These honest reviews can definitely help you choose the best bonus, even if the bonus doesn’t have the highest value.

Find a balance between bonus amounts and conditions

There is no point in a high bonus but you don’t get any profit from it. In finding the right Welcome Bonus, you’ll want to find a balance between the bonus amount and its requirements. You don’t have to look for the highest bonus but a bonus that has conditions that are within your capacity.

It is very important to find betting requirements that you can meet. If the conditions are too strict or too high, you may have to take a very long time to withdraw the winnings as a result of the bonus.

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1 BK8 Casino logo Welcome Bonus 288% up to RM2,880 Claim BonusBK8 Casino Review

How to Claim a Welcome Bonus

The process of getting this bonus is actually very easy. You should follow the steps listed below:

Choose the casino you want

Before you choose the best Welcome Bonus, you should do your research and comparison first thoroughly. Read the reviews on the internet as well as the conditions for the use of the bonus.

Register yourself

Select the ‘Sign Up’ link and register yourself by filling in all the personal information. You may be asked to provide proof of identity at some casinos, and your registration will take some time to verify.

Find the Welcome Bonus site

Once your registration is complete, open the website of your choice and look for the bonus or promotion section. A Welcome Bonus will usually be found at this link. Once you find the bonus, look for the bonus code displayed there. There are also casino sites that give you a bonus automatically in the deposit section or provide a button that you can click.

Make the first deposit

Choose your deposit payment channel and follow the instructions on the payment page. Usually, there will be space to enter a bonus code or even a button that you can click. There are also casinos that give a Welcome Bonus automatically when you deposit for the first time. If there is a code to enter, be sure to enter the code before making your deposit.

Start betting with your bonus

Your deposit payment may take some time to enter. Once the deposit is credited to your casino account, you will see the bonus you claimed in your account once. Now you are free to use the bonus as you wish. 

Bonus to Welcome You

The Welcome Bonus is meant to draw you to a casino. Even so, it is up to you to decide whether you want to continue playing there when the bonus runs out.

You should be aware that many gamblers try to cheat casino sites by creating multiple accounts at once to claim more bonuses. This practice is strictly prohibited. The Welcome Bonus should help you improve your experience and skills, so it should be used in a good and proper way.

Only by using the bonus fairly, will you get profits and wins in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are playing for the first time and making a deposit at a casino for the first time, you are eligible to claim this Welcome Bonus.

The most common Welcome Bonus is the deposit matching bonus, which also comes with free spins.

Register first on the casino site. Sometimes, bonuses are given automatically when you make your first deposit and there are casinos where you have to find the bonus code and enter it before making the first deposit.

No, you should look at the terms and conditions of the bet behind any bonus to make sure you can meet them.

The wagering requirement is the number of times you must bet in the amount of the bonus you receive before being able to withdraw the money won from the bonus.

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