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Get to know Game Baccarat

Baccarat is a casino game that attracts a lot of gamblers. This is because the rules and the manner in which the game is played that is very simple and easy to understand. Baccarat is also a popular game with new gamblers. It is also a game with a relatively high payout rate, around 98.6%. Hence, Baccarat has a low house advantage. All these factors make Baccarat never an outdated game. 

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History of Baccarat 

Most would describe that the origin of Baccarat can be traced to the history of ancient Rome. The origins of the game can be traced back to an ancient myth of a religious ceremony where the fate of virgins who are serving in the temple of the God Vesta will be decided by a throw of dice. 

If the virgin scores the sum of dices of 8 or 9, she would be classified as a high-level wizard. If she gets a score of 6 or 7, she would be allowed to live but cannot serve in religious ceremonies again. If the virgin scores a value of below 6, she will be required to commit suicide by walking into the sea. The value of 9 in Baccarat is premised on this ancient myth. There are also other myths that attribute the value of 9 from the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow.

However, the origins of the modern Baccarat are often credited to an Italian circa the 1400s, whose name is Felix Falguiere or also referred to as Falguierein, a well-known gambler at the time. Baccarat later became popular among the French aristocracy, where it was known as Chemin de Fer.

The game was then brought to America in the 17th century and was referred to as Punto Bunco. In the 1950s the game was first introduced in Las Vegas by large casinos and become popularised as amongst the common games in casinos worldwide.

History of Baccarat

How to Play Baccarat

The basic rules of Baccarat are easy and do not require complex thinking. The objective of the game is to obtain cards with the closest value to 9, by playing against Banker.

Unlike other card games, the deck of cards in a Baccarat game has different values. At the baccarat table,  the value of cards are categorized as follows:

  • Joker, King, and Queen Cards: Worth 0
  • Ace cards to 10: Original number value. 

At the start of each round, players are required to place their chips to bet whether it is against the Banker or other players. Players also have the option of drawing their chips.

Once every player has placed their bets, the banker will proceed to issue two pairs of cards. A pair of cards for every player and the banker himself. The cards will be issued faced upwards.

The value of both pairs of cards will determine the results. If the total number value exceeds 9 or two digits, the first number is ignored. For example, if the individual pair of cards are of 6 and 7, with a cumulative total of 13. The value of the pair of cards in Baccarat is 3. 

The game comes to a stall when both the banker and the player decide to ‘stand’ or stop getting a new card. The following are the situations where the game would be considered a ‘stand’:

  • If a banker or player obtains a total value of a card of 8 or 9, the game comes to a stall immediately. If a player has a value of cards of 6 or 7, he should stand as well. 
  • If the total value of cards of a player is 5 or less, the player is allowed to obtain an additional card, unless the banker has a card with the value of 8 or 9.
  • If the player obtains a supplementary card, the winning party will be dependent on the supplementary card and the card held by the banker.
  •  If the player gets a card with a value of 10, ace, or photo card, the banker will continue to draw additional cards if the card value is 0-3 and remains if the number is 4-7.
  • If the value of the third card of the player is 8, the banker is allowed to draw a third card if the amount is 0-2 but must remain if the amount is 7.
  • If the value of the third card of the player is 6 or 7, the banker gets a third card if the volume is 0-6 and remains if the total is 7.
  • If the value of the third card of the player is 4 or 5, the banker will get a third card if the amount is 0-5 and remain if it is 6-7.
  • If the value of the third card of the player is 2-3, the banker takes the third card if the amount is 0-4 and remains if the total is 5-7.

Once the third card is distributed, the number of cards occurs again to determine who is closer to the value of ‘9’. There are occasions where the results are a draw if the value of the player’s and the banker’s cards are the same.

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Commonly Used Baccarat Terminology

Like any other casino game, Baccarat has a special list of terms. By understanding these terms, you can enjoy Baccarat and participate in the game with ease.

Banco – Banco refers to Banker in Spanish. Sometimes a banker is called Banco.

Baccarat – although this is the name of the game, it also means empty, which is the worst and lowest value of a pair of cards.

Burning Burning refers to a process where when a new round starts, the dealer will shuffle the deck of cards and will exclude the top 3 to6 cards from the top of the deck.

Banque – A popular version of Baccarat in Europe, where the Banker gets one hand and the player gets two hands.

Carte – A term used to request for an additional card from the dealer, it is also known as ‘Hit Me’

Commission – Commission refers to the margin taken by the casino, usually capped at 5%, if you win a bet against the banker.

Hit me A term used by players to request an extra card from the dealer. 

Natural The easiest win, where a player or the banker has a total value of 8 or 9 through the first pair of cards.

Face Card – cards with pictures, such as King, Queen, and Joker. In Baccarat, these cards do not have any value.

Baccarat Rules

Tips and Strategies To Win Baccarat

Although Baccarat seems like a relatively easy casino game, there are a few useful strategies that can be used to increase your chances of winning. To increase your chances of winning in Baccarat, you will need to consider the following:

Understand how winning bets are paid

There are three types of results in Baccarat that you can bet, namely Banker’s winnings, the player wins, or draws. Do take note that if you bet on a banker and win, you will have to pay a 5% commission, but you will be able to win double if you bet on the player’s end and win 8 times if the game reaches a draw.

Avoid the most disadvantageous bets

Avoid betting on draw results as far as possible. Although the payout and return for results on the draw are very high, that is 1:8, the probability of achieving a draw result is actually very low. The host has a higher advantage on draw results, as high as 14.36%. Thus, the probability of winning a payout on draw results is very low

Betting on bankers is the most profitable

The advantage of the host if you place a bet on a banker is 1.06%. Betting on the banker has the lowest host advantage, hence the probability to win is high. Although the payment rate is only 1:1, you are likely to earn a greater profit. If paying the 5% commission fee what you are keen to do, do bet on a player whose host advantage is 1.24%.

Other Versions of Baccarat

Besides the usual Version of Baccarat, there are also different versions of Baccarat played around the world. This includes the following:

Mini-Baccarat Baccarat played with just one dealer instead of 3 dealers. The table also accommodates only 7 players instead of 14.

Chemin de Fer – this variation comes from France where each player takes a turn to become a banker. The dealer is just there to shuffle the cards and monitor the game.

Punto Bunco – This version is derived from South America, especially from Cuba. Punto means player and Bunco stands for Banker. In this version, players do not have the option to take a third card. The dealer will make a decision on the third card, which will decide the winner.

Banque – Banque is a Baccarat version where one of the players is the Banker throughout the game. Usually, the bets in Banque are very high and this version is generally played by high-roller gamblers.

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Baccarat Game on Mobile

As the rules of Baccarat are simple and easy to understand, it is a customizable casino game that is suitable for mobile phones. Baccarat can be played quickly as each round only takes a few minutes. With the mobile version, you can play as many laps as you want comfortably and at your convenience. 

Play Baccarat on Mobile

Playing Baccarat Online

To get the best and enjoyable Baccarat playing experience, you should make sure that you make the right decisions. This includes choosing the best online casino for Baccarat

Choosing a licensed casino – Casinos that have licenses will certainly be safer and transparent, especially in terms of how they handle your personal and banking information. The Baccarat game software provided here is also from the already evaluated and verified brand of its independence.

Choose a casino with bonuses – there are plenty of online casinos that offer bonuses and promotions periodically. A casino with bonuses that can be used to play Baccarat will give you a higher chance of winning. This is because you have more money to bet, especially if you are not skilled with this game.

Payment channels – A good online casino offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Besides, they also won’t have many grievances from other gamblers about financial scams.

Well-known software brand – The video baccarat or live software you subscribe to should be from a company known and has been evaluated by an independent body for its honesty.

Free Games Real Money Opponents

Most online casinos and websites or apps offer the option to play Baccarat for free in the trial version. This version is useful if you want to practice Baccarat and adapt to the layout of the software. 

However, you should also try playing Baccarat real money over time. This is because when you bet on real money, you can win real money. The game is thrilling and fun, as you can increase your winnings with well-executed playing strategies.

Conclusion: Baccarat A Profitable Game

Among the other table casino games, Baccarat offers the highest probability of winning and has the lowest host advantage. If you know how to utilize the strategy correctly to your benefit, you will be able to increase your chances of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions

The host advantage or house edge is 1.06%. If you bet on a banker and 1.24% if you bet on the player.

In Baccarat, the best strategy is to reduce bets on 'draw' results.

The probability of the banker wins only slightly higher as compared to the probability of players winning. Hence, you should switch between these two.

You can alone bet on the draw, but the probability of obtaining such results is very low which is around 14.36%.

You will get the highest payout in Baccarat if you bet on a draw, which pays 8: 1 if you win. However, the chances of winning are low enough.

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