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Understanding Texas Hold’em Poker

Poker games are a type of gambling deck game often found in most online casinos. There are many different types of poker games that are popular among gamblers. These poker games each have different rules that differ from each other.

The most well-known version of poker is Texas Hold’em and this is the most commonly found version in casinos. The basic rules of this game are not actually complicated. The ultimate goal is to get the best combination of five cards compared to other players. If you want to find out how to play Texas Hold’em Poker, you can read on to educate yourself about the basic information of this game.

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Game History

The concept of card games where the ultimate goal is to achieve a particular combination of cards is nothing new. Games that resemble Poker have been played in Europe since the 15th century. This version of gambling cards is the closest game to the modern Poker game that we know today. Poker was referred to as Poque in France and Pochen in Germany at that material time.

The game was then brought to the United States and was popularized on the western front of the United States where it was often seen being played in salons in Wild West films. From there, several versions of Poker have emerged, which include Texas Hold’em.

As the name suggests, Texas Hold’em originated from the state of Texas, from the city of Robstown in the early 1900s. It became popularized when casinos in Las Vegas began to commercialize it in the 1960s.

Texas Hold’em poker has its own uniqueness, as it depends heavily on the thoughts and strategies of individual players. On the contrary, another type of poker game weighs heavily on luck. Hence, Texas Hold’em Poker is becoming so popular among gamblers nowadays.

Texas Hold' em Poker

Key Terms In Texas Hold’em Poker

Before you learn any rules and ways of playing this type of poker, you should familiarize yourself with the key terms first. Texas Hold’em poker has its own ‘language’ that you should use while playing. Among them include,

Blind – Betting that had to be done on each round before the cards were distributed, and divided into large blinds and small blinds.  

Button – A round-shaped marker placed in front of a player whose dealer tabled for the latest round. Sometimes, the marker does not exist and the ‘Button’ is a term for the player to become a dealer.

Call – In poker, call is a term used if the player wants to bet the same value with a ‘big blind’ bet.

Check – Is a term used just like ‘Call’ but without making any bets.  

Fold – The decision made by the pater not to risk anything into the pot and not to play with the cards on hand but to instead wait for the next round

Raise – To raise a “big blind”. 

Flop The first three community cards distributed from the deck of cards.

Pre-flop – Any activity done before the Flop card is distributed. 

Pot – Accumulation of bets from every gambler on the Poker table from all betting rounds.

Turn A fourth community card drawn from the gambling deck, also known as the fourth street.

River – The fifth community card drawn from the gambling deck, also known as the fifth street.

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How to Play Texas Hold’Em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker has the same goal for each player, which is to achieve the greatest combination of five cards worth. Each round of Texas Hold’em poker is known as the ‘hand’.

First Part: Setup

Each round is initiated by a dealer, whose main task is to distribute the gambling deck of cards. The dealer, who is sometimes referred to as The Button, can be switched for each round to the next player towards the left clockwise. Some casinos do offer a fixed dealer.

No matter who is the dealer, each ‘hand’ is started with two compulsory bets known as ‘Blind’. The player towards the left side of the dealer, known as the ‘small blind’, will make a smaller compulsory bet. This will be followed by the next player towards the left side of the ‘small blind’ who is also known as ‘big blind’. The ‘big blind’ will generally make bigger bets and usually double the bets made by ‘small blind’.

Second Part: Betting

Subsequently, the dealer will start distributing two cards to every player. Now, the round begins with the player on the left of ‘big blind’. This player is the third gambler to the left-hand side of the dealer and is referred to as the ‘under the gun’ position. This player will decide whether to call, fold or raise the value of the newly made ‘big blind’ bet.

The sequence of games at Texas Hold’em table is always clockwise. Hence every gambler will have an equal opportunity to make the same bet decision in that order until the last player before the dealer.

If there is more than one gambler who still wants to continue the game,  before the last hand after the round ends, the dealer will issue three community cards known as Flop. Flops are always removed heading upwards. Then, the second betting result of the round follows from the player towards the left side of the dealer, and all players will have the opportunity to check or bet.

Once all gamblers have decided, the dealer will release his fourth community card. This is known as the ‘Turn’. This will be followed by another round of betting. Following this, the last community card, known as ‘River’ will be released. Another round of bets will follow the River card and eventually the Showdown move will commence.

Part Three: Showdown

All players must now reveal their two gambling decks, and the money in the pot will be given to the player with a combination of five cards (his own cards or any community cards) with the highest value.

If two or more players have the same combination, then the player whose affiliate contains the second highest card (known as the Kicker) will win. In the absence of a Kicker card, the pot of money will be distributed between these players.

Highest poker hand position to lowest

  • Royal Flush – five cards with the same suit
  • Straight Flush – five cards with the same suit in order
  • Four types – four cards of the similar suit
  • Full House – three identical cards + two identical cards
  • Flush – any five cards with the same suit
  • Straight – five cards in sequence
  • Set – three cards of the same
  • Two pairs – two similar cards + two cards of the same value
  • A pair – two identical cards 
  • High Card – Hands without combination

It must be remembered that players will organize their cards in hand by selecting the best five cards out of the seven cards available, two holes, and five community cards.

How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker

Best Strategy To Win Texas Hold’em Poker

For new players, Texas Hold’em is probably a rather difficult game to master because it feels different when you are playing the game. There are plenty of poker tips and strategies that you can read and learn before you will be able to find a strategy that is right for you, here are some of the tips: 

  • Learn the combination of cards
    Before anything starts, you should learn all the available card combinations, as well as which card values and combinations are of higher value and will win. You should memorize everything before starting any other strategy.
  • Do not play too many Hands before Flop
    If you play in too many rounds, i.e. betting for each round before the flop card begins, you’ll run out of chips. Start playing hand after you see Flop, and choose one or two hands where you are confident and would be able to play aggressively.
  • Learn the advantages of your rankings
    The best position for Texas Hold’em Poker players is the ‘Button’ position because you’ll be among the last players in three of the four betting rounds. This will allow you to observe the moves of other players before deciding. The weakest position is the small blind where you will be among the first players on every round.
  • Learn when to ‘fold’
    When Flop is removed, you do not have to keep playing. The decision to fold can be made when Flop is revealed if you believe that you do not have any combination of cards that would be able to secure a win.
  • Keep an eye on the community cards
    If your card is still in the drawing stage when Turn (i.e. where you will need another card to achieve Straight or Flush), try getting River with the lowest possible bet. If you are uncertain at Turn’s level, increase your bets to see River. If a community card has a spouse or three suit cards, there’s likely to be a gambler who is Flush or Full House.

Texas Hold’em Poker Games That Need Experience

The basic rules of Texas Hold’em Poker can be learned in a relatively short time, but you need more experience if you want to master this game. This type of poker can be played for free at any online casino and you can train yourself first before playing a more attractive and fun version of a live casino.

If you have learned the basics of this game, it is a very interesting and exciting table casino game. This is because you can interact with other real players on the live casino channel and play virtually in a Wild Wild West salon setting projected on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can win money consistently if you practice and use the right strategy.

Yes, but be sure to select online casinos that are licensed, secure and reputable before betting with money. For the avoidance of doubt on suspicious online casinos, do read our reviews.

No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker is a better game as you can play with more flexibility

Yes, you can play poker Texas Hold’em online for free. Many online casinos offer free playing options so you can try out the game and learn it.

It is relatively easy to learn but difficult to master. Reading and practicing will improve your skills in Texas hold 'em.

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